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Chapter 3 – first monster battle

The passage was about three meters square, and the walls were glowing faintly, so it wasn't entirely dark inside.

Our formation was as follows, I was in front and Charlotte behind me.

"It's dim..."

Charlotte moves while shrinking behind me while I move with my sword at hand, poised so I can react at any time.

However, there is nothing on this floor, and not a single monster to be seen.

After walking for a while we found a staircase downwards.

"I thought dungeons were mow re like mazes."

"Hmm, maybe it's just this floor There were no monsters and with it was straight road, this may be to attract more adventurers into the dungeon."

"Oh, right."

We went downstairs.

And from there on, the atmosphere clearly changed.

It's like the magical power in the ambient is dense here.

"It looks like the dungeon starts here."


We tighten our minds a bit more and continue moving slowly.

Then we came to an open area.

And here we encounter our first monster.

There was a green-skinned sub-human, about half my size walking around comfortably.

Probably a goblin.

"That's a monster, isn't it"


While saying that, I used [detailed appraisal] from a distance to check the monster.


Goblin, Level 1

[Knives, Level 1]


It seems the goblin has knife skills...

but it's holding a club.

If it's unable to use its skills I should be able to deal with the goblin.

Moreover, the level of the goblin is [1].

Should be somewhat weak.

This level is not visible to people, so it is only a prediction...

"Can you beat it"

Charlotte asks anxiously.

"It'll probably be okay, I'm going so if anything happens, help me with magic."


I didn't even hear Charlotte shout and ran straight towards the goblin.

I pulled the normal iron sword from my waist, swung it wide, and lowered it towards the goblin's head.

Perhaps because it was so sudden, the goblin was unable to react and just took the hit.


At that moment the goblin roared.

Will it come

I clasp my sword and poise myself to prevent any attack that comes.

Then, I swallowed nervously.

Suddenly, the goblin just fell down.

After a while, the goblin's body disappeared leaving behind a stone called "Magic Stone" and the club it was carrying.

It seems that monsters disappear after dying, and sometimes drops magic stones and materials.

Magic stones can be sold through the Adventurer's Guild.

This is the basic source of income for adventurers, and some materials can also be sold there.

Well, this time the club most likely won't sell...

and seeing as my companion didn't have a weapon I gave Charlotte the club.

"Thank you."

"Never mind, no matter how much magic you can use, it's better to carry a weapon."

"How am I supposed to be able to use magic!"

Charlotte looks surprised.

It's natural because you have it as a skill...

No, you can't use it if you don't know you have it...

I was able to use appraisal instinctively the moment I was told I had the skill.

So, I thought Charlotte would be the same...

Well, I'll tell her about her skills.


"Oh, please call me Char, because everyone at the orphanage called me that."

"Okay, take care of me, Char..."


Char takes a deep breath and looks at me with serious eyes.

"You have magic skills."

"Yes, what!"

Char's voice echoes in the dungeon.


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