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Chapter 4 – first magic

I take a breath and wait for Char to calm down.

She most likely thought she didn't have any skills, being suddenly told she had skills is certainly surprising...

and it may be more surprising for her to learn the details of her skills.

I'll keep quiet about the [Magic Power Enhancement, Level 10] skill though, for now at least.

"Oh, do I really have skills"

"Yes, I know because I can use appraisal.

You should give it a try in here."

Considering that the other passages were about three meters wide, this one, which is ten meters wide, is better.

I've defeated my first monster, so I want to take a here.

And I'd like to see her magic skills. 

Maybe I can use it even if I don't have the skill.

I thought with faint anticipation, then Char seemed to try it something.


what did you do in the beginning"

"Even if you ask me, I don't have such skills..."


Sharu closes his eyes and meditates with a dry smile.

And then.

"◯◯◯◯, Fire!!"

When Char chants, a big...

very big...

enormous fireball comes out of her hand, bigger than Char.

And then it flew straight ahead, crashing into the wall and causing a huge explosion.

The wall didn't collapse, but I couldn't close my open mouth in awe.

Char, on the other hand, seems impressed that she was able to shoot magic, but believes that this amount of power is normal.

If this is the case, I may not be able to contribute to the party...

Am I just a hindrance

I involuntarily thought about my raison d'être.

however, she's just recently learnt to use it...

and the only magic she's able to use are [Fire Magic] and [Holy Magic].

She hasn't tried healing magic but, considering the strength of her fire I'd say it's possible she'll be able to cure any major illness.

"Wow, magic...

It's unbelievable."

Char was thrilled that she was able to use magic.

"Why don't you try to defeat the next monster Char"

"I'll do my best."

Char pumps her fists, showing enthusiasm.

Despite her cute appearance, her magical skills are reassuring.


From there we went further to the back, and we found some bones lying around.


This is..."

Char asks fearfully.

"Oh, these look like human bones, it looks dangerous from here onwards."

As soon I said that she grabbed my clothes.

No matter how much magic you have, scary things are scary.

I noticed but didn't say anything aloud and moved on.

Then I saw a goblin, similar to the one I saw earlier, at the end of the passage.

This might be just right for her first fight.

Char must have remembered that I defeated one earlier and looked somewhat calm.


I'll do it!"

It held tightly the club in its hand and began swinging it somewhat happily.

I felt uncomfortable that the goblin was grinning and decided to use [Detailed Appraisal].


Goblin, Level 10

【Sword arts, Level 1】

【Club, Level 3】

【Interpersonal Skills, Level 3】


Obviously, it's used to fighting people.

A reasonably high level.

Could it be that the human bones lying around were the work of this goblin

When you think like that, the goblin suddenly looks strong.

Perhaps the goblin plans to catch us off guard and hit us with the club.

"Char, be careful."

"Yes, I understand."

Just in case I warn her.


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