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Chapter 6 – let’s go back to town

After confirming with [Detailed appraisal] that all of the wolves were defeated, I ran toward the injured girl.

The only thing I could do was check if she was still alive using [Detailed Appraisal].

"Char, it's going to be hard on you, but can you do me a favor"

"Ye, yes..."

Charu already looks worse for wear.

I know she'll be forcing herself, but I still had to ask her to do it.

"◯◯◯, heal!"

Char chants while raising up her hands.

Then the injured girl is covered by a strong light, and almost immediately, her wounds are completely healed.

At that moment Char reached the limit of her mental strength and collapsed on the spot.


After a while, the now-healed girl woke up.

She looks around a little confused and once she realized I'm here she looks at me warily.

"Who are you!"

"I'm Haktor, I'm an adventurer."

I say, and at the same time I show her my adventurer card.

She looks at me with a condescending gaze.

"Hmph, you're still at level [1], I guess those monsters ran away on their own but for now, I'll just say thank you."

Her attitude is far too arrogant for someone grateful, moreover, I collected the magic stones the wolves dropped, that was the reason there were no traces of the wolf monsters. 

"And what about those that were with me"

"You're the only one left alive."

They were already dead, I moved them to the corner of the room and picked their equipment.

Inside the dungeon the equipment of a dead person belongs to the one that founds it.

Of course, murder is expressly forbidden inside the dungeon.

The adventurer guild is able to identify murders withing the dungeon, most likely with the help of someone with investigative skill.

Because I found them their tools belong to me.


It's common for people to die inside dungeons.

The girl lowers her gaze for a moment and then looks at me again.

"Then you have to escort me to the town!"

"I refuse!"

I was going to return either way, but I didn't like her commanding tone.


However, the girl didn't even seem to understand why she had been refused.

"I don't have any reason to do that."

"This me will accompany you, I'm way more useful than the shorty one sleeping over there."

I snap a little at that word.

This girl is an adventurer at a level higher than us, but her magic level doesn't seem to be very high.

It's a conclusion I've reached after examining her with [detailed appraisal], so it may be that she can use her magic well...

probably, but she's still weaker than Char.

"Even if you say that, that child was the one that healed you, do you think that's the right attitude to have towards the one that saved you"


that's how it is...

I apologize."

She apologized honestly.

Maybe she thought for a moment that the wounds she had weren't real.

"Well, as long as you understand it's fine.

Shall we go back then"

"Eh, I can go with you"

She asks me with a better tone.

"Of course, but if you want to stay here then I won't stop you."

"I'll go, please take me with you."

The girl asks in a hurry.

When I nodded to her, she looked relieved for a moment and then blurted out a "Hmph." 

She was a little cheeky but must have felt lonely by herself.

When I thought about the situation that way, I couldn't think it was anything but funny.

I carried the sleeping Char on my back and began walking towards the exit.


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