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Chapter 7 – the power of magic

"Come to think of it, I never told you my name did I, I'm Mina Larnold, third daughter of the Larnold family."

She's from the Larnold family that's said to be a prestigious clan that specializes on mastering more than two types of magic at a time...

was it if that's true, shouldn't she be on the path to become a magic knight

"I get what you may be thinking, I'm a so-called failure within the family that is recognized for being able to handle several types of magic."

"I'm completely unable to use magic, I even had to buy a treasure ball to be able to use wind magic.

I'm sure I obtained the [Magic] skill because I checked myself in an appraisal office."

It's true that as a means for attacking she only has [Wind Magic], as for [Enhancement Magic] and [Obstruction Magic] are very rare skills so it's no wonder she doesn't know about them.

And the fact that the only thing an appraisal can her is if she has magic skills or not.

It's true that by using a treasure ball you can acquire skills, but they are as expensive as a house and their failure rate is somewhat high.

"I became an adventurer because I couldn't stay at home anymore and thanks to my magic, I was able to join a party right away, but you saw how that went..."

Her party got wiped out by a pack of wolf monsters and she almost died...

"Anyway, show me your magic at least once, I may be able to help you as a former appraisal office employee."

"As I though, you don't have fighting skills.

Alright, leave the enemies to me."

"Thank you."

I can't fight with Char on my back, so I thank her honestly.

then she said she was going to show me how capable she is while looking smug.

Soon after we encountered a goblin close to the stairs.

"Look, that's just the right opponent."

Mina walked forward.

The goblin didn't seem too strong but i decided to use [detailed appraisal] just in case.


Goblin, Level 1

[Spearmanship, Level 1]


It has spear skills but isn't carrying a spear, it's a similar case to the one I killed a while ago.

"◯◯◯◯◯, Wind!"

She chanted while keeping her hands forward and what came out was a very tiny ball of wind.

It roared similar to artillery fire, but its power left a lot to be desired...

at least it was enough to ward off that goblin.

"I'll keep it up!"

After firing not one, but ten short the goblin finally died.

And Mina was looking quite satisfied with the result. 

Let's see......

How should I react

I gave her a wry smile, and Mina seemed delighted.

Perhaps she thought I was amazed...

I guess.

In reality I was surprised at how weak that spell was.

"So, what do you think"

I decide to tell her the harsh reality while she ruffles her long hair.

"I don't believe you are suited to attack magic."

"I defeated the monster, didn't I"

"You required way too many shots to achieve that, and every shot was weak, that's proof you are not suited to attack magic."

I was actually basing myself on the results of [detailed appraisal].

"Then what should I do"

"You have an aptitude for a different type of magic."


I guess she thought I was telling her it was hopeless, but when she heard that she has an aptitude for a different type of magic she recovered a bit and opened wide her eyes.

"Why don't you try strengthening your allies or disrupting enemy attacks using magic"

I'm giving her hints of the magic skills she has.

But she only shakes her head in disbelief.

"What are you saying"

"Just, give it a try."



Despite her doubts, Mina thinks about the magic she wants to cast and tries to chant.

"◯◯, Enhancement!"

The moment Mina casted the spell I felt power welling up from deep inside my body.

My strength increased a lot.

"Hmm, I wonder if it really worked..."

"It's a success!"

I have a felling this is a truly versatile spell, but I'm no expert so I can only guess.


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