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Chapter 1732 - Chess Soul, Qin Soul

It\'s said that the divine wonderians can even carry miniature nova sources in their bodies and make their albi bodies into pseudo divine astralships, Tianming said.

That would easily make them among the most terrifying race in the astralscape.

Who told you all that Feiling asked.

Mu Ziyan.

We chatted while we were cultivating my soul.

I learned quite a lot about wonderians from her.

Most historical records that mention them concern their divine wonders, Tianming said.

Though Feiling and he could no longer use Spiritual Attachment, they were still telepathically connected, allowing for instant communication.

The two Weishengs displayed their divine wonders to them as they watched.

Their bodies were the bases of their divine wonder formations.

Different divine wonders formed from their bodies, instantly manifesting as divine celestial patterns across every albus in their bodies.

They had cultivated using the techniques their seniors had practiced, inscribing divine celestial patterns into every organ and bone, something that required immense willpower.

A storm erupted around Weisheng Xi with his body as the center.

Then the wind formed black and white chess pieces that perfectly blended together with his skychess sacrosun.

Both of them could absorb the nova source in the environment for attacks.

The manifestations were Weisheng Xi\'s chess soul wonders.

Two thousand pieces, half white, half black, appeared beside him, all formed from divine celestial patterns, absorbing energy from the nova source in the environment, sacrosun, and astralforce, each of them as large as a mountain.

The Grand-Orient Sword and Evil Suppression Pillar both lacked quite a few essential components.

While they had portable formations in them, they weren\'t nearly as powerful.

These divine wonders, on the other hand, were terrifying in that they could be controlled by Weisheng Xi like they were his own limbs.

They fought with the formations on their body, and the husband and wife were considered a single fighting unit by the wondersky realm.

Weisheng Xii\'s divine wonder appeared beneath them.

In the rainstorm, glowing strings of a qin appeared, forming a large net.

When she stepped on the strings, a clear sound rang out throughout the entire Bloodbath Arena.

It was a formation called the qin soul wonder.

The picture of an elegant couple with refined interests like chess and playing the qin was truly eye-catching.

Only those with a deathwish would dare to step on the battlefield where their divine wonders manifested.

They were considered a single combat unit, while Tianming and Feiling were considered two separate ones.

Not to mention, the formation followed them wherever they went, so they were always within its effective range.

No wonder Weisheng Xi didn\'t care about Yanwu Dao\'s defeat in the least! That alone was enough to convince Tianming that he had to go all out.

Even then, there was a chance he could lose.

Chess pieces flew about in the sky as the strings vibrated on the ground.

Weisheng Xi held a snow-white fan in hand, descending in the middle of the storm, while Weisheng Xii danced atop the strings of her qin, plucking them with her feet.

The sound of the instrument conveyed an illusory, yet destructive force that immediately engulfed Tianming and his beasts.

The divine wonderian couple couldn\'t be described as anything other than beauties.

Weisheng Xi\'s fan was a grade-nine divine artifact called the Windbearer, which contained a grade-nine divine pattern called the Soulbind Gale.

All the names the divine wonderians came up with had an air of elegance, unlike edgy and sinister names like Godsin or Exorcizer.

Weisheng Xii, on the other hand, wielded many long pieces of white silk that fluttered about in the wind.

They stretched up to a thousand meters, beautifully swaying as she danced around.

The pieces of silk cloth were actually part of a grade-nine divine artifact called the Silken Deluge, whose divine pattern was called Drunken Rain.

While the divine pattern sounded harmless, it was spread out throughout the Silken Deluge and was a divine hazard that possessed a toxin that was comparable to the Godsin\'s! When wrapped around prey, the silk cloths spread the toxin into their body and could even scatter souls.

Compared to the likes of Yanwu Dao, the Weishengs had far better gear.

Tianming was at a loss for what to do, faced with such an unconventional foe.

He had to deal with the sound attacks coming from the qin soul wonder, which shook his innards with every wave.

His ears hurt when he heard the sound, and his soul shivered as well.

It seemed even more powerful than Lingfeng\'s Firmament Godshaker.

Even if Tianming could bear it, Feiling and the beasts couldn\'t.

Weisheng Xii danced closer and closer to them, plucking the strings as she moved.

The silk cloths she threw towards them somewhat resembled Lingfeng\'s bloody threads.

The Silken Deluge unrolled, scattering Drunken Rain toward Ying Huo, Lan Huang, Xian Xian, and the rest.

The noisy rainstorm made her clear laughter seem ethereal and hard to place.

In contrast to the gentle moves of Weisheng Xii, Weisheng Xi came across as hard as steel.

Two of his huge chess pieces soared across the storms, thundering as they went by like falling meteors, crashing toward Tianming and the rest with the power of the formation and astralforce.

It was as if they were within someone else\'s grade-seven divine formation, something akin to the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation.

It was a huge disadvantage for them, to say the least.

Not only do they have powerful formations, theyre also adept at fighting in close combat.

They truly are a force to be reckoned with in the astralscape. Tianming\'s impression of them before was one of uniqueness, but now he learned that their true nature was even more shocking.

They were able to manufacture their own talent.

As the chess pieces fell, Tianming blocked a piece with the Godsin, crashing into the \'storm\'.

The loud clang that resulted was ear piercing.

Then he used his totems to tear apart the chess pieces, but the clash made him feel like his totems were about to shatter.

He crushed a few chess pieces with the Godsin and felt their terrifying force.

His hands were shaking from the sheer weight of the chess pieces!

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