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   As the portals appeared one by one, a large number of blood clones entered the portals and disappeared, and went to various areas to find Li Xuan's disciples.

   After the blood clone left, Li Xuan suddenly looked at Qilin City 10,000 kilometers away.

  There, a tombstone stands alone, exuding a cold and infiltrating brilliance.

   "Thousand-eyed girl actually teleported over again. If that's the case, then disappear." Li Xuan waved his hand.

  In an instant.

  The ice filled the air, the sound of Kacha Kacha echoed, and the tombstone shattered with a bang, turning into dust and falling down, and at the same time, the ice disappeared.

   "Really weak."

   Looking at the thousand-eyed girl who couldn't bear even a single bit of her strength, Li Xuan closed his eyes again and fell into practice again.

   City Lord's Mansion.

   The city lord and the deputy city lords are sitting together in a meeting, solemnly speaking about the information about the Thousand-Eyed Girl.

   After hearing that the Thousand-Eyed Girl had advanced to the fifth rank of True God, the expressions of everyone on the scene changed drastically.

   "City Lord, has the Thousand-Eyed Girl really advanced to the fifth rank of True God" Baihuyan said solemnly.

   "Yes, it was the information from the Shadow City. They found the Thousand-Eyed Girl in the dark forest. The two sides fought and finally defeated the Thousand-Eyed Girl.

   But this battle also found that the strength of the Thousand-Eyed Girl increased sharply. Shadow City hurriedly passed the information to Sifang City, and at the same time requested support,

   But it takes half a month for the support to arrive. During this time, we must be careful. If one is not good, we will be finished. "The city lord said solemnly.

   "Trouble, the Thousand-Eyed Girl is already very scary. Now that she has reached the fifth rank of the True God, it will become even more scary." The Weasel Deputy City Lord said solemnly.

   "Yeah, it was quiet for half a year, and I thought the Thousand-Eyed Girl knew we couldn't afford it and ran away. Who would have thought that it would break through to the fifth rank of True God."

   "What should I do The extermination of the clan is extremely ferocious. After their strength increases, they will definitely come back to take revenge. It will definitely attack and kill us."

   "What we can do at this stage is to defend with all our strength and try to wait until support arrives."

"it is good."

  The city lords talked a lot, and they were going to send more experts to protect them when they went back. At the same time, they also thought of Li Xuan.

   "Li Xuan is in seclusion, he must not be disturbed, and his seal is useless to the fifth-order True God."

   "Yeah, the power of the fifth-order true **** is far beyond that of a seal, and it can't be prevented at all. It's really troublesome now."

  The city lords sighed, knowing that the Thousand-Eyed Girl came back to seek revenge, they would surely die.

   As for escape.

   is useless at all, the cities are too far apart to catch up in a short time, and they will be caught and killed earlier.

  There is a city, a protective formation and a seal, and with many masters and bases, they can still block the Thousand-Eyed Girl a little.

  If they dare to leave the city, they will surely die.

   So everyone did not propose to leave, but solemnly discussed how to defend the Thousand-Eyed Girl.

   In the end, they discussed it, they discussed it, and they couldn't figure out a solution at all, so they could only sigh.

that's it.

   Time passed a little bit, and soon half a month passed.

  The city lords, who were originally worried, did not see the Thousand-Eyed Girl for half a month, and they were a little confused.

  Because according to this time, the support will come immediately, but the Thousand Eyes Girl did not appear, which is a bit wrong.

   "Could the Thousand-Eyed Girl give up revenge" said the Weasel Deputy City Lord.

   "Impossible, with the crazy character of destroying the clan, they will definitely come to take revenge and will never let us go." Duke Huai Shu said decisively.

   "Then why didn't it show up Could it be dead Was it beheaded by the mad giant who came to support it" The Weasel Deputy City Lord said.

   "It's possible, according to the time, the mad giant should arrive."


  The city owners felt it was unlikely, but they didn't know the reason, so they could only choose silence.

the other side.

  The area where the Thousand-Eyed Girl died.

   A mad giant wearing a crown stood quietly and solemnly inspected the situation at the scene.

   After he found a trace of special dust, his complexion changed dramatically.

   "The Thousand-Eyed Girl is actually dead. Killing the Thousand-Eyed Girl of the fifth rank of True God, even I have to pay a huge price, but she actually died."

   The mad giant suspected that he had read it wrong, and he carefully checked the situation on the scene, and even sacrificed a totem to check the situation on the scene.

   After confirming again and again, it was finally confirmed that the Thousand-Eyed Girl was dead.

   "Who killed the Thousand-Eyed Girl This area is quite well preserved. There are only a few potholes here.

   This shows that the battle location was carried out in a very small area, and I didn't even see any traces of the Thousand Eyes Girl's resistance.

   In other words, it was directly crushed, and even said that it was instant killed. In the case of no resistance, it was instant killed.

   God-king-level powerhouse I am afraid that only god-king level powerhouses can do this. There are definitely god-king level monsters nearby. "

The    mad giant's expression was very solemn, and he didn't dare to continue the investigation. He angered the god-king-level powerhouse, and he couldn't afford it.

   "However, with this super strong man, this area will be very safe. The ice god-king class, who will it be"

  The mad giant secretly guessed, but did not dare to continue to investigate, but ran away, afraid that he would anger the strong man by staying too much.

   to this.

  Li Xuan didn't pay attention, and was too lazy to pay attention.

   He just practiced silently, dispatching the blood clones to continuously assist the disciples and help them improve.

   Time has passed, and a hundred years have passed in a blink of an eye.

   In the past hundred years, the Kylin City has a radius of ten thousand miles, and it has always been calm, without the slightest wave, even the extinction of the family has never appeared again.

   However, the creatures in the Holy Land believed that this area belonged to the Emperor of Ice, the god-king-level powerhouse who had never met but was terrifying.

  Unfortunately, their news is outdated.

   Hundred years is too long. Under the crazy feedback from his disciples and his hard work, his realm broke through one after another, and he successfully reached the realm of the controller.

   This realm, even in the world of God's Domain, there are only two people who have reached it, namely Judge Moon and the King of the Holy Land.

   And Li Xuan became the third person.

   But this is just the beginning, because after breaking through to this realm, his strength suddenly skyrocketed, countless memories emerged, and he recalled everything in his previous life.

   "It turned out to be like this, no wonder my emotions have weakened so much, it turns out that I have reversed the time and space once." Li Xuan sighed and started the layout again.

   three days later.

  In the early morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant.

  Li Xuan walked in the Yuehua Valley, and every step caused turmoil in the world, and divine power surged.

  This vast divine power condensed in the valley, headed towards the central area of ​​the valley, and finally enveloped Li Xuan's parents and Bing Xuan'er.

   And their level, with the help of Li Xuan, finally broke through the real **** realm.

   "I've finally reached the realm of true gods, and I can finally rest assured." Li Xuan turned his head to look a hundred meters away.


   Inquisitor Yue in white stood quietly, her thin veil swaying in the wind.

   "Are you really going" Inquisitor Yue asked.

   "Well, I have to meet the hero who severely damaged the black hole world. He is not in my plan." Li Xuan said seriously.

   "In the plan" Judge Yue was at a loss, not knowing what plan Li Xuan was talking about, but she still said.

   "Don't go, the black hole world is too dangerous. In fact, the scale of victory has fallen to us. Qin Yue and the others are growing rapidly, and the final battle will take place after a thousand years."

   "It's okay, the black hole world has been severely damaged by him and is extremely weak, so I can just implement my plan."

  Li Xuan's eyes passed through the world of God's Domain and looked at the bottomless world of black holes.


   Judge Yue wanted to say something, but Li Xuan stopped him.

   "My parents and Bing Xuan'er are handed over to you. The four of you will not participate in the next reincarnation. You will appear at the beginning at most once."

  Li Xuan's figure disappeared, disappearing like a bubble, leaving only Judge Yue standing in doubt.

   "Reincarnation in the next life What do you mean"

  The world of black holes.

  Li Xuan's figure appeared and walked into the darkness without hesitation.


   Innumerable dark hands grabbed him fiercely, rushing in like a tide.

   But at this time.

   The darkness rolled, and the **** hands trembled as if they had been ordered, and finally retreated unwillingly.

   "Mr. Li Xuan, please come in."

   A hoarse voice came from the darkness, and then a pitch-black portal appeared, like a hot wheel spinning continuously.

  Li Xuan did not hesitate, but walked in with great strides.

   for a moment.

   The dark world around him turned into light, and a quaint city appeared in front of him, with the words "Dark Horse City" written on the city.

   at the city gate.

   A handsome young man with a folding fan was holding a heroic female general, waiting for Li Xuan to arrive.

   "Should I call you the king, or the source of evil" Li Xuan said calmly.

   "It's fine, as long as you do me a favor, whatever name you call me is fine."

   Jun Xi ordered his left hand to shake the folding fan, with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

   "Are you going to commit suicide" Li Xuan asked.

   "Yes, my wife doesn't want me to be a villain, she wants me to be a hero, so I will destroy the black hole world."

   Jun smiled playfully, brushed the female general's hair with his right hand, and doted on his eyes.

   "What do you need me to do for you" Li Xuan asked again.

   "I hope to have the next reincarnation with my wife, please help us once, please." Jun Ximing said seriously.

   "I was discovered by you." Li Xuan sighed deeply, helplessness flashed in his eyes.

   "Yeah, if it wasn't for you to break through and become the master, causing the source of evil to turmoil and revealing a clue,

   I didn't expect that the world has already suffered a major disaster,

   In your last life, in order to save this world, you actually reversed the cycle of this world and changed the whole world. Come again, your ability is to be reborn. "

  jun stared straight at Li Xuan and said affirmatively.

   "Yeah, I also knew when I broke through. In the last life, with the talent of rebirth, I worked hard to save this world,

  It is a pity that I failed, even if I am the world's number one powerhouse, I cannot restore the collapsed world.

  Finally, I created an apprenticeship system and reversed the time and space at the expense of myself, so that the world can be restored, and it will start again with a new world appearance,

   And with the advantage of the system, I finally saved the world, but unfortunately the world is still broken and cannot support me to become a transcendence. "Li Xuan shook his head.

  "So you must reverse the time and space again, come back with more talents,

   Then, can you give me and my wife a reincarnation in the next life "Jun Ximing looked at Li Xuan solemnly.

   "Okay, what kind of identity do you want in the next life" Li Xuan asked.

   Jun Ximing did not answer, but looked at his wife, the heroic female general.

   "I read a book when I was a child. The book said that God is the most powerful being. I hope you will become the emperor of the gods and the **** emperor who guards the world." The female general blinked her big eyes and said.

   "Okay, I will be the Emperor of God in the next life, and you will be my beloved wife."

   Jun smiled playfully, and a lot of dense cracks appeared on his body, just like a porcelain doll that shattered at any time.

  The female general also looked the same. The two of them were filled with dead energy, but they smiled at each other and embraced each other quietly.



   A roar echoed from the darkness, and dark figures suddenly appeared, madly killing Li Xuan and Jun.

   These black shadows gathered more and more, and later they were all over the mountains and fields, and there were countless numbers.

   But that's only second.

  What is really scary are the two figures who take the lead.

  The two figures are both Li Xuan, two Li Xuan who are as dark as ink, and behind Li Xuan is the dark as ink Judge Yue, and all the people Li Xuan knows.

   "The evil thoughts in this life are indeed much weaker, and in the next life I will definitely become a transcendental one."

   Looking at the dark figure rushing in frantically, Li Xuan's eyes were as calm as water, his right hand counted the void, and circles of water ripples spread.


   Countless shadows collapsed, all evil thoughts collapsed in wailing and turned into smashes.

  The black hole world is constantly turbulent, but it does not collapse, because as long as the evil exists, the black hole world will never dissipate.



   Jun Ximing and the female general exploded like starlight, turning into dust and dissipating between heaven and earth.

  As they collapsed, the black hole world roared violently, roaring like a bomb dropped into magma, and transformed into an abyss form.

   "Next, we will create a new system, this time we will create an infinite resurrection system."

   Li Xuan's palm appeared bright and colorful, and the colorful light condensed in the palm, and finally turned into a small crystal, exuding a dazzling brilliance.


  Li Xuan took out the apprentice system from his mind, integrated it into the small crystal, and fused them completely.


  Li Xuan disappeared, and when he reappeared, he came around the Phoenix Pond and looked at the snow-white little Qinyue inside.


   Qin Yue flew over in surprise when she saw Li Xuan, and threw herself directly into Li Xuan's arms.

   "Xiaoyue, I have a way to get back my lost emotions, but all human beings will die once, including you..."

   "I am willing, Master, I beg you to get back your emotions, please." Qin Yue's snow-white hand held Li Xuan's big hand and said.

   "Well, then you will no longer be my disciple, but my partner."

  Li Xuan took the surprised Qin Yue and left, went to see his parents and Bing Xuan'er, made a promise, and finally took a deep look at his family.

   "See you in the next life, my beloved family."


  The space burst, and the time and space were turbulent.

  Li Xuan's body collapsed, activated his ability to regenerate in the terrifying divine power, and began to reverse time and space, turning back time.

  Li Xuan's power is too tyrannical, everything in the world begins to change, and everything starts from scratch.

   But this beginning is no longer the face of the world before, but a new world, everything has changed, start all over again.

   Only the direction set by Li Xuan will not change, and the whole world will follow his established goal.

   As for whether there are any unexpected situations, please pay attention to "Global Reincarnation: Becoming a God from Infinite Resurrection"

  PS: This book collapsed, and it collapsed after leaving Nanyu. The author tried hard to save the plot, but unfortunately he couldn't get it back.

   In the end, I insisted on writing 990,000 words, and found that the more I wrote, the more uncomfortable it became. Every day, I got stuck and exploded.

   The key is very watery, and I dont like it very much, so lets end it, there is no need to write a bunch of watery plots.

   The next book will not be too long, just the essence, thats all, goodbye, old irons.-

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