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326 Take Them Away

“Miss Jiang, What do you mean bygood job” Mao Songping really didnt understand.

it wasnt that he didnt understand the sentence, but he didnt understand Jiang Tongs attitude.

“It is what it means.

Good job,” Jiang Tong said to Mao Songping with a smile.

Mao Songpings eyes, which were big because he was too thin, rolled.

He carefully thought about the various possibilities, and then asked tentatively, “Miss Jiang, do you have a grudge against Shao Ying”

“Yes,” Jiang Tong nodded with a smile, admitting it.

Mao Songping took a deep breath and opened his mouth as if he had understood.

He was much more relaxed than before, and a smile appeared on his face.

He said, “Haha, Miss Jiang, you should have said so earlier.

Look at you, you scared me to death…” In fact, he was not as relaxed as he looked, but he gestured with his hands and said, “Then we are friends, Miss Jiang.

We are all family.” He only said this to get closer to Jiang Tong.

Actually, he had many doubts in his head.

Since Jiang Tong was Shao Yings enemy, she would definitely not sell him out.

But why did she come to find him She definitely wanted him to do something, was it to continue tricking Shao Ying Mao Songping did not want to do that.

However, if Jiang Tong really asked for it, should he agree or refuse If he refused directly, Mao Songping did not know if he could walk out of his office alive.

“Boss Mao, I heard that youve been taking care of Lin Muyu” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Lin…” Mao Songpings expression changed! Lin Muyu, Shao Yings man, the man who even had a daughter with Shao Ying! Mao Songping was good at making friends with people.

He liked to analyze people, and he knew many years ago that Shao Yings daughter was living in Jingdu.

Not only did he know, but he also helped to take care of the father and daughter.

It was not that Shao Ying had asked him for help, but he had taken the initiative to help take care of them.

Any woman who tried to get too close to Lin Muyu would be warned by him.

Anyone who tried to bully Lin Muyu and his daughter would also be clearly dealt with by Mao Songping.

Mao Songping could be considered to have eyes and ears everywhere in Jingdu.

He was friends with everyone.

Moreover, in Chaoyang District, where the Seven-Degree Bar was located, he had more power in this area! From street punks to billionaires, everyone who knew him had to politely call himMaster Mao.

Further up, there were more important figures with higher status.

They either called Mao SongpingBrother or affectionately called himOld Mao.

Mao Songping could be described as someone who could call the wind and summon the rain in Chaoyang District.

Lin Muyu and his daughter, Lin Huanhuan, were both in Chaoyang District.

In order to prevent anyone from disturbing Lin Muyu and Lin Huanhuans peaceful lives, Mao Songping even arranged for his men to buy a house near Lin Muyus house.

He had a few men who took turns keeping an eye on Lin Muyu and Lin Huanhuan.

On one hand, it was to take care of them, but on the other hand, it was to monitor them.

Mao Songping knew that although Shao Ying no longer liked Lin Muyu, Shao Ying was a person with mental mysophobia and possessiveness.

If a man who could make her give birth to a child was to be with another woman, Shao Ying would go crazy! Moreover, Shao Ying wasnt that heartless.

Although she didnt acknowledge her daughter on the surface, she would transfer an eight-figure sum of money to Lin Muyus account every year as child support.

It was because Shao Ying cared about something that Mao Songping took the initiative to help and take care of them.

He even secretly informed Shao Ying that someone was trying to get close to Lin Muyu and that the woman did not mind Lin Muyu bringing his daughter along.

That woman wanted to be with Lin Muyu and be Lin Huanhuans mother! This was the reason why Jiang Tong had come to the capital to find Mao Songping first! If she went to look for Lin Muyu, met him, and even went to his house to be Huanhuans tutor, she would definitely attract Mao Songpings attention! The moment Mao Songping felt that there was a problem, he would definitely investigate and even tip Shao Ying off! If Shao Ying knew about this, then Jiang Tongs plan to target Lin Muyu would definitely not work.

“Lin Muyu…” Mao Songpings expression became more and more unsightly.

Jiang Tong admitted that she was Shao Yings enemy and even mentioned Lin Muyu.

Shao Yings daughter was by Lin Muyus side! What was Jiang Tong trying to do

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“Miss Jiang, are you trying to…” Mao Songpings eyes widened.

How much did Jiang Tong hate Shao Ying! Grudges could be big or small.

For example, Gu Yu and Shao Ying had fought for so long in the business world, but that was only limited to mutual deception in the business world.

It was not that Gu Yu did not know that Shao Yings daughter was in Jingdu, but she did not pay attention to it unless she wanted to go against the entire Shao family!

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