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“Wha-what are you doing! No, Princess! Hurry up and raise your back.

You said you weren’t feeling well.”

Ariel, the one who was receiving the apology, panicked in front of me.

It reminded me of the old days and it was burdensome to just sit still…

As a result of this feeling, I raised my back to save the main character from her embarrassment in front of me.

“I will never do that again in the future.

No, I’d rather bless both of you.”

“Princess Selena…”

After experiencing a feeling for a long time, it could create distrust inside someone.

Ariel glanced at Aaron as if the same were true for her.

“I mean it, Princess.

It would be hard for you to believe that a person like me suddenly changed.

However, I regret my actions after I nearly died.”

Ariel looked at me.

She must’ve felt like she saw Patamon evolved into Seraphimon.*

*TL/N: It’s a Digimon reference.

Yes, it must’ve been quite strange for this naughty girl to explain the laws and principles of life.

Just like the Patamon, who looked cute and petite, suddenly transformed into a huge figure.

“It is your choice to accept my apology.

I don’t intend to force it.

I just wanted to say that I bless both of you.”

My brother slowly grabbed the female lead’s hand with his eyes wide open.

I thought of looking away for a moment, but that would be strange, so I looked at them silently.

She looked down, then raised her head and looked at me again with a smile.

“Thank you, Princess Selena.”




I rolled around in bed again today.

I was so sick of lying in bed, but I never thought of going outside.

Instead of that, I raised myself and rolled around on the wide bed, as I wanted to be a little more fit.

I stood up from my fantastic forward roll, clapped once, and sat down again.

‘I think the A-something’s acting skills are getting worse.’

His acting was so awkward.

After another forward roll and backward roll, I laid back in bed.

The A-something was looking at me with surprise.

‘I’m working out.

What’s wrong’

Ignoring the A-something’s gaze, I laid back blankly and stared at the ceiling.

Ah, soon it would be my brother’s engagement day.

In the novel, the two broke up without an engagement ceremony….

As soon as I called the princess and apologized, the two families immediately set a date for the engagement ceremony.

They were so quick in dealing with it that I was impressed.

‘Look, Selena, it would have been done so quickly if you apologized.’

I hadn’t given up on dying yet.

However, I wondered what would happen if I died ahead of my brother’s happy day.

Would it be different from Selena’s miserable death

Therefore, my death had been postponed.

As I had been doing well, others seemed a little relieved.

“Princess, will you be in bed all day again today”

He tried to get me out of bed that way.

On the first day I went for a walk after the day I failed to commit suicide, everyone I encountered, including Aaron and Lucas, would say, “Is it okay to walk around like this Your body is still…” They were annoying.

After my first walk, I stayed in my room again.

The walk was refreshing, but it was difficult.

So I chose to open the window instead of taking a walk for the fresh air.

‘As expected, being in my room is the best.’

I looked at Lucas while lying down in bed.

Lucas, who was tasked to see me this week, showed me a gentlemanly smile.

“It’s the safest for you to be here.”

As soon as he finished talking, the corner of his mouth was slightly lifted.

If I didn’t get up, I thought I would be more agitated from hearing him, so I couldn’t help but get up.

He pretended to be worried and nagged too much every time.

“Okay, I’ll only sit down today.”

“It’s not good for you to sit down all the time.

You need to see some sunlight.”

“You can see it when you open the window from here.”

Lucas frowned at my fast response.

“Seeing how lazy you are, are you going to stop breathing one day because you’re too lazy”

“Sir Lucas, you’re the one that stopped me from resting eternally.”


‘Oh my goodness.’

I looked up at Lucas, who raised his voice with his eyes wide open.

He screamed just then.

“I’m sorry, but please understand that I’m worried about the princess getting sick.”


Lucas was good at acting.

He was a gentleman, polite, and a friendly figure to other people.

However, his real personality was very calculating.

There was no way he would keep a relationship that didn’t benefit him at all.

Oh, except for the duke’s family and the female lead, but Selena was not included.

Anyways, I knew very well that his acting would continue if I didn’t say anything.

I didn’t want to look at him any longer.

Yeah, being used like that was… of course it wasn’t nice.

Alright, I lost.

‘I’ll leave you now.’

I sighed and got my foot out of bed.

‘Yes Lucas, you were right.

I should be more active.’

People shouldn’t just live in bed.

Except for when I went to the bathroom, I always laid down on my bed to eat and sleep, so my feet were weak.

I was thinking about moving actively, but this body was too weak.

“Excuse me, Sir Lucas.”

“Yes, Princess”

I bit my lips and wondered whether to say this or not.

Still, he kept nagging me.

Wouldn’t it get worse over time

So, I sat in front of the door with Lucas in front of me and looked at the A-something who was looking at me with excitement.

“Excuse me… A…whatever… come here.”

The A-something, who was staring at us as if he was watching a movie with a popcorn bag in his hand, got out of his stupor.

‘Are you bored since you haven’t been working’

“Please help me.”

‘It’s time to work.’


“Huh My lady!”

He was also acting, but it was better because it only felt like he was a worker who had to serve me sincerely.

In addition, his acting skills were getting worse these days, so it was obvious.

Lucas, on the other hand, was like a snake…

‘Why did you like people like that, Selena’

Ah, right.

Selena liked that man.

Why was that

“Uh… My lady”

‘Well, humans are a mysterious being after all.’

I didn’t want to live even though I was given a perfect life like this.

I was lucky I didn’t transmigrate into a servant or slave, or else it would have been hard to survive.

“What is your name exactly”



What is your name”

His green eyes were filled with surprise that he couldn’t conceal.

He must’ve thought that it was absurd that I didn’t know his name after all this time.



The identity of the A-something was revealed now.

Sigh, I felt so relieved.

‘Alright then.’


Aiden fits you perfectly.”


Oh no, my inner thoughts slipped out unconsciously.


“Yes, Sir Lucas.”

Lucas, who was walking behind me, came up next to me.

“Oh, nothing, I just thought you forgot that I was here.”

“No, I didn’t forget.”

“That’s a relief.

Can I help you walk too”


Do as you please.”

He had already taken my left hand regardless of my answer.

And even if I refused, it seemed like he would do it anyway.

It was also easier to just say yes than to have a boring argument.

‘Selena, look at this.

I’m walking with the guy who betrayed you and the guy who put you in jail.’

Ah, he was also the man you liked.

Selena looked at Lucas carefully, wondering which side of him she had fallen for.

He had silver hair and mysterious purple eyes.

His long hair tied…

‘Nevermind, I think she fell for his appearance.’

I was sure that was the case.

Even in the novel, he was always known for his appearance.

He was a man who used his handsome appearance as a tool.

Lucas’s eyes then met mine.

“Do you have anything to say”

His purple eyes shone as he looked at me.

“No, not really.”

“If you have anything to say, feel free to say it, my lady.”

I wished he wouldn’t be so consistent in calling me, whether it was ‘princess’ or ‘lady’.

Actually, I just didn’t want him to talk to me.

“It’s nothing much.”

I said once again and turned my head.




Meanwhile, Aiden wondered what this was all about.

He didn’t want to leave them since rumors could fly if those two were caught together.

The conversation he heard was also interesting.

That was it, their conversation was interesting.

‘But if the both of them are going to be like this, can’t they just not ask me to go in the first place The princess doesn’t even remember my name.’

She never called his name so far, but he didn’t think that she actually didn’t know it.

It didn’t matter anyway.

Strangely, he was a little upset, but he just wanted to get out of this situation rather than feeling sad.

Every time the princess walked or exercised, it felt like torture for him.

It made him want to return to the comfortable chair in the princess’s room.

Aiden walked without any energy while fixing his eyes on the two people in front of him.

The two of them didn’t include Aiden in their conversation and continued their ‘interesting and serious’ conversation by themselves.

“You should exercise more in the future.”


“Lord Aaron’s engagement is coming soon, and how worried would the guests be if you appeared frail like now”

He was worried about her.


He was also not sure.

Or was it that he was worried about Aaron’s engagement ceremony

Anyway, Lucas must’ve wanted the best for Aaron.

Well, if the princess appeared frail and pale like that, people would gossip away.

‘The main characters of that day should be Aaron and Ariel.’

It wasn’t good for a guest to attract attention.

Even more so if it was the groom’s mean little sister.

“I see.

Then I’ll walk a little until the engagement day.”

“Eat your meals too.”

“Aren’t I eating well”

“Get up and at least eat at the table.”

“Yes, I will.”

Lucas smiled satisfactorily.

There was a hint of sincerity on his face.

Oh, of course, Aiden knew the princess was not the one who Lucas gave his sincere smile to.

He was sure Lucas only discussed her health because he was worried about that day.

“So please tell the duke and the duchess.”

She walked two steps ahead with her hand out of Lucas’s arm.

Aiden walked past Lucas behind the princess.

She stared at Lucas for a few seconds before going to her room.

“Aiden, let’s go back to my room.

Sir Lucas, you have to go now.

I’ll go back to my room safely.”


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