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That was how my hobby search came to an end.

Drawing felt pretty good, so I decided to do it as a hobby.

Now that I’d found something satisfying, I no longer had to search for hobbies.

One small canvas per day.

Or, I had time to draw about one every two days.

Time flew by surprisingly quickly while I was painting.

I gave the pictures that I thought looked pretty good to my family.

It reminded me of their envy of the grotesque doll I had given Mother the other day.

Brother, Mother, and Father all covered their mouths and took the picture.

Even though it was a canvas on which insignificant things were painted, they cherished it as if it was a treasure trove of gold and silver.

“No matter what I think about it, it’s the perfect place.”


“I know.

Selina, consider it again.”

“I thought about it again, but I don’t think so.”

I spoke firmly to my parents, who were constantly regretting not being able to hang my paintings on the central staircase during family dinner time.

It didn’t matter if my parents wanted it or not.

“That’s right, mother and father.

The central staircase is a bit too much.”

Normally, I would have been anxious to argue with my parents’ opinions… Still, what was wrong with brother I put the meat in my mouth and chewed it, looking at him.

Brother, who met my eyes from the other side, smiled brightly.

It was a face that looked proud of something.

Is he proud of the fact that he and I agreed… However, I soon realized I was wrong.

And at the same time, I had to bite my lips so that the food in my mouth wouldn’t come out of my mouth.

“What happens when we hang our Selina artwork on the central staircase, and someone steals it If someone asked for the artist’s name, I’d have to tell them Selina’s name… If that happens, our Selina will be tired.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Yes… I see.

Father was short-sighted.”

No, it was something to reply with, ‘that’s right.’ I pressed my mouth with the napkin and chewed the food.

While I couldn’t open my mouth because I was chewing food, once again, they gave interpretations that I did not know about the world of my work, and my family’s praises continued.

Oh, my gosh.

At this moment, I was Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci.

In the end, around the time I chewed all the food in my mouth, my family’s conversation ended with, ‘Our Selina’s painting is a national treasure.’ Suddenly becoming a national treasure-level painter, I had to calm myself down with cold water.

“Selina, is the Madame of the Rose Velvet Salon coming tomorrow afternoon”


I decided to see her with Lady Vivian.”

Mother’s hand paused for a moment, then moved again naturally.

Perhaps, it was because the Rose Velvet Salon was where I escaped last time.


It’s nice to have a good time with peers your age.”

Father brought out his words.

I nodded my head accordingly.

“By the way, the Founding ceremony is already approaching this week.

Aaron, shouldn’t you also be preparing your clothes soon”

“Ah, I’m going to visit the Imperial Family the day after tomorrow to match clothes with Princess Ariel.”

“Oh, really”

Mother’s eyes shone like a girl when brother said that.

It seemed that it felt quite romantic for lovers to match clothes together.

Brother and the Princess who matched their clothes… They both looked good together, so I thought it would be nice to see them.

By the way, which dress should I wear…

It was the first time I came to this world and made clothes.

On the day of brother’s engagement, I didn’t have time to do it, so I wore the clothes I had in the closet, and at Vivian’s garden party, I ran away from the salon and couldn’t make clothes.



The next day, a little past lunchtime.

A noisy guest came to my room.

“Lady Selina! It’s been a while!”

Vivian’s chattering voice like a bird, eyes lit up, grabbed my hand tightly, and shook it up and down vigorously.

On her chest, the brooch I gave her was showing off its presence.

“Yes, Lady Vivian.

Long time no see.”

I also greeted her with moderate excitement and looked at Vivian’s back.

Madame glanced at this side with a stiff face, and when our eyes met, she hurriedly turned her gaze downward.

After the incident, I sent Madame and Tower Keeper a small gift with a handwritten letter.

It was when I was not in good shape to go out of the Duchy, so it was the best for me at the time.

“It’s been a while, Madame.”

“Ah—Uh… Yes.

La…Lady Selina.”

The nervous Madame stuttered and answered.

Vivian glanced at me and Madame, then pulled Madame’s arm and came closer to me.

She was still a friend with a keen sense.

“Madame was very worried about Lady.

Right, Madame”

“Ah… Yes.

That… How is your body”

In fact, when something like the last incident happened, I was in a position to hold Madame accountable.

Maybe, she didn’t even notice the disappearance of the Princess from the salon, which operated on a reservation system for nobles.

To be honest, I think it was the fault of the person who went out or the person who didn’t see, but since this world was a class-based society, I had to hide it.

Lamenting over the absurd human affairs, I placed my hand lightly on her arm.

Madame, trembling in surprise, cautiously raised her head.

“I’m really sorry about what happened last time, Madam.

I ran out because I wanted to see the square, but I troubled Madame in trouble for nothing.”

I had made such an excuse to Madame the other day.

Even though I wanted to see the square by myself so I changed clothes and went out the back door, things went wrong, and I went back to the Duchy that way.

So, Madame must have known that as well.

She swallowed the saliva at my apology.

It seemed like she was trying to determine whether my words were sincere or not.

“Madam did nothing wrong.

Rather, it’s my fault for causing you concerns.

I want to keep getting along with Madam.

Will you accept my apology”

I tried my best to speak as quietly as possible in my own way, but my voice was always blunt.

However, even this blunt voice was enough to make Madame’s heart flutter.


She stared blankly at me at my last words and then nodded her head vigorously.


Lady Selina.”

I don’t know where Madame’s heart is.

That it was not her fault so I apologized again, or that she wanted to continue the relationship In my opinion, the latter was the most likely.

Since then, Madame seemed to have never felt uncomfortable, as she opened the catalog with sparkling eyes to show me.

“Since the Founding banquet is a formal event, a little fancy dress goes well.

It is embroidered with bright threads and strengthened with lace and ornaments.”

The dresses depicted in the catalog were the pinnacle of splendor.

I didn’t know where to put my eyes at the feast of the golden waving dresses.

Well… To be honest, I think you should have to buy the right clothes to know.

Vivian was seriously looking at the catalog, pointing at a certain dress with her finger, while I was looking at the picture while rolling my head at the appearances of dresses here and there.

“I think this will go well with Selina Young-ae.”

What dress…

I prepared my mind and turned my gaze to the tips of Vivian’s fingers, wondering what Vivian, who had gifted me with a pink lace dress, would have picked this time.

The dress that Vivian chose was unexpectedly pleasing.

Conceivably, it was because I only looked at the golden dresses, so the color was a bit more neutral… A dress in the form of blue fabric, embroidered with gold thread and white lace, seemed to go well with my hair color.

As I nodded, Vivian clapped her hands happily.

She was really honest with her emotions.

“Oh! I think it would suit Lady Selina really well.

It’s also the dress I brought today… Would you like to try it on”

“Try it on!”

Madame and Vivian opened their mouths one after another, and their eyes lit up at me.

To be honest, it was annoying to change dresses, but the two of them wanted so much, so I nodded my head.

As Jane, who was standing behind me, approached Madame to check and organize the dresses, I heard a familiar knock.

Somehow, the repertoire seems too similar.

Wanting to open the door and wondering what happened at this time… Jane turned her head towards me after she looked towards the door.

…What should I say

And so, I waved my hand and said that I would go.

Seeing that, Jane nodded her head and even cleared up the dress.

“What is it”

I opened the door and poked my head out.

It might look funny from inside the room, but I didn’t want to show Lucas to the guests in the room.

I thought that if they saw Lucas, something troublesome would happen to me.

Lucas wiggled his eyebrows when he saw me with only my head and smiled lightly.

“This kind of welcome is new.”

“It’s not a welcome.

We have guests now.”

“I know, that’s why I came.”

He answered and grabbed the door with his hand, and opened it with a natural motion.

As in the presence of others, Lucas greeted Vivian and Madame with a clean face, and the two of them stared blankly at Lucas.

From that blankly staring face, I had a strong feeling that something was already happening to me.

“I am sorry for the sudden visit.

Madame, Lady Vivian.”

Vivian and Madame responded by waving their hands at the sight of him speaking with a light bow.

“What’s going on”

I leaned close behind his back and whispered a little, then Lucas turned his head to glance at me before looking forward again and opening his mouth.

“Because of my job in the Duchy, I don’t have time to make clothes.

If it’s okay with you, can I get some tailcoats today”

This seemed to be his business.


Lucas grinned at my question and whispered softly as I did.

“Yes, here.”

I rolled my eyes.

Was this usually the case When someone else was making clothes, would you come and make them together Although I didn’t understand, Vivian and Madame seemed to understand enough.

The two people with blushed cheeks glanced at Lucas, then glanced at me.

“I’m fine, but today I’m here for Lady Selina…”

Madame said hesitatingly.

Judging from the way she spoke and the way she looked, it seemed that she wanted to be in charge of Lucas’ clothes.

Well, it was only a matter of time before word of mouth spread once they took on the clothes of a celebrity like Lucas.

Maybe, it was better advertising than being in charge of the Princess’s clothes.

To be honest, I didn’t care as long as they weren’t uncomfortable.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Thank you, Selina.”

After my reply, Lucas quickly gave a thank you and smiled.


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