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Soon, the airdrop boxes in the sky slowly descended and landed on the ground.

Ren Qi looked at the airdrop boxes that had landed in his territory, and his eyes flickered.

There were many airdrop boxes that had landed this time, but most of them were airdrop boxes in each territory.

Some of them hadnt even landed.

It was already good enough to have two airdrop boxes.

However, there were twelve airdrop boxes that landed in Ren Qis territory!

Looking at the twelve airdrop boxes that were arranged by Elise on the ground, Ren Qis eyes flickered slightly.

Although he didnt know what was inside the airdrop boxes, the twelve airdrop boxes were enough to prove the importance that the outside world attached to him.

At this moment, the messages in the private chat group also flooded out.

Xuan Ming: “My territory got four airdrop boxes.

How many do you all have”

Tian Jizi: “Haha, I Have five airdrop boxes.

I have more than you!”

Zhao Yuheng: “I have six.”

Li Tianlan: “I also have five airdrop boxes.

Its not bad.”

Xu Xinghe said, “I have four airdrop boxes.”

Zhao Yuheng and the others announced the number of airdrop boxes they had.

Most of them had five boxes, and only a few of them had six boxes.

Zhao Yuheng said, “Have you noticed that the distribution of the number of airdrop boxes this time should be based on our performance in the battle against the Invading Lord Alliance”

“Basically, the better we did in the battle against the Invading Lord Alliance, the more airdrop boxes we have obtained.”

Tian Jizi said, “Hahaha, its true.

I have five airdrop boxes, which means that my contribution is greater.”

Xuan Ming said, “Whats your point Its just one more airdrop box.”

Tian Jizi said, “Thats one more than you, slightly more.”

Xu Xinghe: “Speaking of which, Im curious.

Boss Ren Qi probably got a few airdrop boxes.”

Zhao yuheng: “Im also a little curious.”

Li Tianlan: “Ditto”

Luo Ming: “ 1”

Ren Qi looked at the words in the private chat group and shook his head.

Then, he directly revealed the number of boxes he had.

Ren Qi: “Ive received 12 airdrop boxes.”

Xuan Ming: “…”

Tian Jizi: “…”

Xu Xinghe: “Awesome!”

Although they were already mentally prepared and Ren Qi definitely had a lot of airdrop boxes, Zhao Yuheng and the others did not expect Ren Qi to have so many.

There were a total of 12 boxes!

Xuan Ming: “Lets go.

Ill take a look inside my boxes first.”

Tian Jizi said, “Ill go and take a look too.

You guys can chat.”

The other people also rushed out of the group chat and went to check what was in the boxes.

They could not continue chatting today.

Ren Qi shook his head.

Then, his gaze fell on the twelve airdrop boxes in front of him.

Looking at Elise beside him, Ren Qi said, “Elise, open all these airdrop boxes.”

Hearing this, Elise did not hesitate and opened all of the boxes in front of her.

Each box contained various resources.

Of course, most of them were magic crystals and some top-tier equipment.

There were also many construction blueprints.

Ren Qi picked them up and looked at them.

They were all good things.

All kinds of city defense blueprints.

With these blueprints, Ren Qis territorys defense would be greatly improved.

Ren Qis gaze was mainly focused on the boxes behind.

There were only a few bags quietly placed in each of these four boxes, nothing else.

Ren Qi raised his eyebrows, looking at the bags that were more familiar.

Picking them up, Ren Qi knew why these bags were so familiar.

They were Spirit Gathering Bags that could store souls.

And inside, there was a large amount of monster soul power!

There were four boxes, and each box contained five Spirit Gathering Bags!

There were twenty bags in total!

With so many Spirit Gathering Bags, the monster soul power contained in them was also very huge, so huge that Ren Qi was shocked.

From here, Ren Qi already knew that the outside world could definitely observe their situation inside the black fog, otherwise, they would not give such a thoughtful gift.

What did Ren Qi need the most right now

It was the soul power of the monsters.

As long as he had enough soul power, Ren Qi would be able to continuously help his troops upgrade through the Pure Holy Stone.

At this moment, Ren Qi saw that there was an envelope in the last box.

Raising his eyebrows, Ren Qi picked up the envelope in the box and began to examine it.

At first, there were some polite words, then they praised Ren Qi for his calm performance in the face of the invading lords and soldiers.

Later, they encouraged Ren Qi with some rewards.

Finally, they said the most important part.

“Ren Qi, we can understand the situation in the black fog from the outside.

Based on the current situation in the black fog, there shouldnt be much of a threat.”

“We are almost done with the research on the black fog.

We already have a feasible plan that can break the black fog that surrounds you, but we need your cooperation.”

“Seven days later, we will temporarily break through the black fog and get in touch with you inside.

Then, we will tell you how to break through the black fog.”


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