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My Little Fox Chapter 4: Trouble Magnet

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Alas, the boat arrived at the beach and Audrey could finally set her foot on the ground. She smiled as she got off the boat and the three ladies began to look for a good spot to sit. Audrey was skipping ahead of her two aunts beaming a beautiful smile. The three ladies attracted a lot of attention to themselves as they walked. Theres a saying that the rich can identify their fellow rich people, therefore, it was easy to tell that they weren as rich as them. few looked at them scornfully belittling them with their eyes alone. However, Most of the people there were in awe of the three lovely angels. Aunt Matilda and Wanda, even though they were already in their 40s, looked as though they were only in their late twenties. Aunt Matildas soft and delicate look was enough to make many heads turn,she appeared so modest and pretty like a violet flower. Aunt Wanda has a more outgoing, wild and vibrant look, but still quite beautiful, A Sunflower. However, the real belle of the group would be Audrey. She was young, youthful and full of curiosity and positivity. She also had a unique aura that would make anyone want to get close to her at the same time if looked at differently, could make you keep your distance. A nightshade or an oleander maybe. To say she was simply beautiful was an understatement. Her dark hair had strands of bright red growing unevenly all around assenting her wild and playful attitude. Her red eyes displayed her emotions and curious nature while giving a mysterious vibe of something hidden deep inside. Her teal green transparent glasses, which she wears often even though she had no problem with her sight, made her look a bit like a nerd, a cute nerd. The young girl already had so many eyes on her as soon as she stepped on the beach, some in awe and others, envy.

They eventually found a good spot and lay their picnic mat before arranging the things they brought on it. As Audrey sat on the sandy beach, she couldn help but marvel at the sight of the blue ocean, it looked like it stretched all the way to the sun without an end. She was snapped out of her daze by Aunt Wanda who handed her a ham sandwich to eat as it had been a while since they ate and they were already quite hungry.

They finished eating and Audrey was still staring at the ocean when she heard aunt Wanda say "oh alright, go on ahead and have fun on the beach". Audrey quick turned her head to look at her Aunt and said "really?". Aunty Wanda raised an eyebrow and replied " you

e hear to have fun aren you? how are you gonna do that if you

e stuck sitting with two old ladies. Now go on". "Before we change our minds", said Aunt Matilda. Audrey beamed and hugged her two Aunts and said " thank you, thank you, thank you. Ill be back soon, ok?". she immediately ran away from her Aunts to go explore the beach. Aunt Matilda watched her run and yelled "Be careful... and stay out of trouble"

"I will", Audrey yelled back. Aunt Matilda pouted and murmured Why is it that I don believe that . Aunt Wanda let out a hearty laugh and said " haha let her be Matty, she can handle herself . you should know by now that that kids a trouble magnet no matter how hard she tries to avoid it". Aunt Matty shoulders fell as she replied "Thats what Im worried about" but Aunt Wanda only laughed even louder and said "you worry too much sis, we

e on a beach, its time to relax for once", aunt Matty sighed and decided to just chill. Their little Angel preferred to avoid trouble, but trouble always seemed to find her and she responded with the same level of force. It would be very troublesome if she ran into any danger here on a beach where many powerful people were leisurely lying around.

Audrey couldn care less about all that. she ran towards the waves and stood there for some time. she bent over and took off her shoes so she could feel the sand with her bare feet. it was soft and warm yet rough. she grinded her toes against the sand. it felt refreshing. like setting foot on new grounds or an unexplored landscape. she completely discarded the thought of putting her shoes back on while on the beach. she walked along the shore watching the water come close to her feet, she suddenly felt like submerging her feet in it. she stood where the water can meet her feet and soon after, the water washed over her feet, bringing a calm breeze with it. the water was cool under the hot sun. Audrey smiled at this. she had never felt more relaxed. she played with the water, kicking and jumping around. she began to run farther down, still within the oceans reach. therefore, the ocean would meet her feet while she was on the run. Audrey acted like a child who had just been given a new toy. She was indescribably happy and she smiled and laughed while she ran.

She ran quite a distance before stopping to take a rest and admire once again. she didn notice a young man who had been watching her for quite some time until he approached her. The man came and stood beside her, his arms leisurely on his waist as he asked "Enjoying the view little lady?". it was then that Audrey noticed the blonde haired man standing in front of her. she was rendered speechless for a short while. she always had her guard up so how come someone actually got this close to her without her realizing? was she too relaxed here on the beach? she oughta be more vigilant. she looked at the man. he was tall, slightly chubby however... she scanned him quietly. the wristwatch he wore cost at least 30,000 dollars. I could use that money to buy myself a small boat, she thought. As she snapped out of her thoughts, she noticed the look the chubby man was giving her.... and she wasn liking it one bit. The man asked his question once again and she replied him with a neutral face saying "yes. its quite lovely". the man nodded slightly and said with a grin " not as lovely as you. tell me little lady, whats your name?". Audrey really didn wanna tell this chubby geezer her name but she wanted to be polite so she replied "Angel" using the pet name her aunts called her. the man gave out a wide smile, took her hand and said "what a lovely name for a lovely lady, the name suits you, Angel" and placed a kiss on the back of her hand. Angel couldn help making an ugly face when he did that. she suddenly had the urge to wash her hands. Even though it wasn her real name, she still felt very uncomfortable when he called her name with such an odd Tone. she sensed trouble. She needed to get away from this person as soon as possible. She retracted her hand and flashed a fake smile at him before saying, "Uh... thanks". The man smiled and said, " Wouldn you like to know my name?." Not particularly she thought. " I don find it necessary." The chubby man frowned and raised an eyebrow, so she continued, "... seeing as we won be meeting again" ever The man stared at her for a few seconds looking slightly puzzled, but then he flashed a quick smile and said "Now theres no need to be like that, hmmm." What does us meeting again have to do with knowing each others names? Im Chad" he said with a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you Chad, if you would excuse me, I need to go. My aunts must be looking for me." She made to go, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "Im sure your aunts can wait a bit longer" he said with an annoying grin. He put his arm around her shoulders and said, "Come now lets enjoy the view a little longer". she looked around to see if there were other people around them. there weren many people around. Even the people lying on the beach looked weird but she couldn figure out why. it would be hard to get any assistance if she needed it. She just had to put up with the angel act for now. He looked towards the ocean and continued "I mean its not everyday you get this kind of opportunity... you know, given Your status anyway", he grinned. Angel raised and eyebrow and asked "what opportunity?". The guys grin just grew wider as he said "Being able to hang out with someone as wealthy and handsome as me of course. if you behave, you might get a reward or two", he licked his lips. Audrey couldn take it anymore. She closed her eyes and pushed his arm off her shoulders. Her cold aura resurfaced. she looked at him like he was utter trash and with a look of indifference. she said in a cold tone "What an narcissist. listen Chad, I am not the least bit interested in your

eward. infact with the way things are, Id rather hang out with the rats crawling in the sewers than spend another minute with you chubby bastard, to hell with your wealth. handsome? Ive seen clowns that look better than you. I have better things to do with my time on the beach. have a good day". she passed him a look and turned around, leaving. Chad was stunned. he was completely lost for seconds. His anger built up and he grabbed Audrey harder on the shoulder and yelled " what the hell, where the ** do you think you

e going ??". She looked at the shoulder the crazy man was grabbing. what she did next made his anger rise to new heights.

She looked at the hand with contempt, pushed it away like she was handling a heap of dirt off her shoulder and sneered. she had such an ugly face on, youd think bird poop fell on her shoulders. "Disgusting....., dont touch me ever again, perverted narcissist. you

e gonna make me puke".

"....w---WHAT Just WHo do you think You ARE??"

"Audrey Snow, and you?" Now it was Audreys turn to grin. Such a devilish grin. it was the same grin that earned her the name Demon flower in high school due to her sweet yet evil-ish nature. she was a nice girl, but when the time came to deal with the people she hates, shed do it better than any comic book villain.

Chads face was red with anger. "You BITCH. You have no idea who you

e messing with", he readied his fist and punched Audrey in the face the first time. much to his surprise, the girl in front of him didn scream or fall to the ground. she stood and took the punch. She faced him, touched the side of her cheek he had punched, before returning the smile to her face. "Good. I guess that means I didn throw the first punch. now I can beat the living crap out of you without any reservations if you try that again". "what the?",said Chad. she said(rather scarily) "you were lucky the first time. try that again.... And i guarantee, youll regret it". "WHY YOU BITCH", He tried to punch her again, however, to his astonishment, Audrey stopped his fist, grabbed his arm and flung him over her head to her back. he landed on the ground with his back and Audrey twisted the arm she was holding firmly. Chad screamed in pain. "I told you didn I? youd regret it". That was when Audrey saw all the people who were on the beach stood up and surrounded them. there were seven of them. they had a fight stance and were ready to attack her. that was why they looked weird. they weren people who came to the beach to relax, they were Chads bodyguards, All of them!.

She let go of Chads arm and pushed him away. Chad hissed and said" You bitch, youll pay for this. All of you, get that stupid peasant. She deserves a lesson", he ordered his guard while holding his arm in pain. Audrey hissed. She could fight them off if they were all humans. however she couldn do so without breaking a bone or two and the last thing she wanted to do is cause trouble for her aunts. stay out of trouble they said. too late for that. trouble refuses to stay away from her. She scanned around. she needed to protect herself from seven brawny bodyguards without hurting them. what an impossible task, Im in real trouble now. she need to think fast. she wasn given much time to think though, before she was attacked from behind.

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