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YANG LUJIA TOLD Lu Daiyu what to do. Lu Daiyu would find a barren property and land within the city for their organization to settle. He gave her enough spirit stones to purchase the property and land.

While Lu Daiyu was at it, Yang Lujia was busy filling up some papers at the Registration Bureau. “This paper was much worse than those on Earth when it comes to filling some details in forming organizations. After all, in this world, a business could not be faring that well. For example, in corporations on Earth, they still needed the articles of incorporation and the like to finally and officially register themselves.”

“Anyway, what should I name my made-up organization” Yang Lujia pondered as his mind continued to scribble incomprehensible words. “Nyanmuru Nah, that sounds eccentric. Handuru Ha, very meaningful, Luer…”

While he was debating with himself on what he should name the organization, Fortuniels voice entered his mind. “Host, I suggest you name the organization Origin Court.”

Yang Lujia was immediately puzzled. “What Why It sounds classy.”

“Fortuniel is uncertain. However, the Host shall name the organization Origin Court.”

“Fine, Origin Court, it is. It doesnt sound too bad at all. It may attract peoples attention, though. In this world, “origin” is a word we cant just use in anything.” Yang Lujia muttered to himself, “Never mind, Origin Court, it is.” He proceeded to write on the paper using his qi.

The queue was not that long, so he just waited for his turn. After all, this Registration Bureau doesnt only register sects or academies but also small businesses around the city. There must be a lot of migrators from other cities as well.

When it was finally his turn, he was suddenly stopped by a lady whose face was screaming disdain. This left him dumbfounded.What did I do to you, woman.

“You, dont insert in the queue! Ive been here since then!” the lady, her big butt trying to shove the front of Yang Lujia.

He swiftly avoided her ass and stared at her with incredulity and impatience. Even in his previous world, what he hated the most was when people became unreasonable. That was to say because he was unreasonable himself but not to this extent.

“Woman, my patience is limited,” Yang Lujia whispered. “Get out of my way or else…”

“Huh Are you serious, country bumpkin Ive been here even before you have!”

When the people heard the two of them bickering at each other, their faces were solemn. After all, the woman whom Yang Lujia talked to was a personal disciple of the Guile Magus Academys headmaster.

She was someone not to be trifled with within the city, given that her backer was a God Emperor.

“A mere Tenth Stage God King tries to bully someone like me My master is a God Emperor, brat! Although you are good-looking, you should know that—”

Yang Lujia smiled with his teeth out, his eyes compressed into slightly curved lines. “Will you get away or not”

Although he was cautious, he didnt want anyone to trample on his dignity. On Earth, no one dared slander or talk to him like this. At least, there were only a few. He was the only one who did that to others. Recalling some past events, the first time someone talked to him like this, that persons end could only be death. It would the same for this woman.

“Hmph! I dont want to argue with you anymore! As I said, I came here first! You were the one who inserted yourself into the queue!”

“Alright,” Yang Lujia compromised, his countenance unchanged. “You go first. It doesnt matter, anyway.”

The lady simply snorted and talked to the lady at the counter. She didnt pay attention to Yang Lujia anymore. When she was done with her business, she turned around and left a whisper in Yang Lujias ears. “Just you wait, because of you, my image today has been somewhat smudged.”

‘You also wait. You wont get away with me. Yang Lujia simply grinned at her warning and allowed a trace of his energy to dwell on her body. He was really pissed off.After Im done here, Im going to ruthlessly kill you.

Before, he could be unreasonable, but with reasons to become so. That one, it looked like he was the one who was unreasonable instead. It infuriated him, particularly when she threatened him.

Later, after paying adequate spirit stones to the lady at the counter, he sauntered out of the bureau and conveniently found Lu Daiyu approaching nearer to where he was. “How did the transaction go”

“It was good!” Lu Daiyu smilingly said. “Come. Let me take you to the property and land I just bought. Just like you said, it was just a small house, but the interiors were somehow… superb.” She then let out a light cough. “It was also stipulated in the contract that the right to use the property and land had already been transferred into your name. You wont have to worry about renovations or replacing anything in the house or land.”

“Good! You did well! However, was the house comfortable Im going to pick up my brothers from the inn and go there. You dont have to worry about the payment I gave you at the inn. Although I have the right to be reimbursed, I dont want to be stingy with the one who helped me with all of these troubles.”

Lu Daiyu just smiled and let Yang Lujia follow her.

As soon as they arrived, Yang Lujias eyes showed satisfaction. This was the appearance he wanted—low profile. The house was extremely old, with wood as its main foundation.

When a fight would ensue, there was no doubt that it would crumble.

He had little to no neighbors on the side, and the place was quiet, unlike the always-boiling parts of the city.

Its front door had small holes that were completely negligible. The two windows, on the front doors sides, that were covered with simple-looking curtains were just enough. It was a two-story house, but the second floor unexpectedly had no windows. As soon as he opened the front door, it emitted a creaking sound. When he stepped inside, the atmosphere was a bit damp.

Nonetheless, he couldnt be bothered. After all, he was already powerful enough to change the vacant interiors of the house while its outside appearance would remain as it was. Opposite the front door was dusty furniture, that contained porcelain bottles that had cracks on them. From this, he could surmise that the previous owner could probably be a doctor of some sort.

“Oh, right,” Yang Lujia said as he eyed Lu Daiyu. “You can go now. The house is suitable for my taste. I will go to the inn later to fetch my little brothers.”

‘Brothers, my ass! Theyre your disciples! This Cao Nima is really pretentious… Lu Daiyu cursed him as she shuttled out of the house with heavy steps.

When Yang Lujia somewhat noticed her temper, he only stared at her, bewildered. “Whats wrong with women Speaking of… that woman…”

As he spoke, countless salmon-tinted lights appeared before him. When these lights converged, it formed a watery glass that reflected someone walking in the middle of the streets. Grinning coldly, he observed this person.

Along the streets, boys and men alike were all looking at the alluring figure walking proudly through the streets. They were simply mesmerized by her beauty. Although she was not wearing the academys uniform, they knew that it was her, one of the disciples of the Guile Magus Academys headmaster.

“Look! Its our goddess! Shes really so beautiful! I want to sleep with her every night!”

“Sleep, your ass! Why would she sleep with someone as ugly as you are I bet she wants to sleep with me more!”

A girl then interfered in their conversation. “The two of you shut up. Cant you see that guy who was approaching her Isnt that her boyfriend Would you want to get beat up by that guy You should know that hes pursuing her and hes also one of the academy headmasters disciples!”

When the two guys heard the girls lecture on them, they instantly felt dejected.

“Hello, where have you been, Fenger Ive been looking for you. Fortunately, nothing happened to you. I would kill myself if something happened to you,” said the guy wearing a white robe with a red belt carved with the academys logo. From this, it could be seen that he was also a student at the academy, a senior student at that.

“Donghai, you really dont need to protect me. Look, Im already a God King, almost no one could hurt me now.”

The guy shook his head and smiled. “Never underestimate anyone just because you have high cultivation, Fenger.”

She pouted, clearly annoyed. “What Are you trying to lecture me now”

Donghai awkwardly coughed and smiled at her. “You dont—wait, what is happening to you!”

The lady also noticed the peculiar feeling she was having. Her body was growing hot. After a short while, all of a sudden, she kissed Donghai on the lips. Her sexual desires were actually triggered in the middle of the streets. However, she remembered she hadnt eaten anything unusual earlier.

Her action baffled everyone around.

Sensing that she wasnt in herself, Donghai tried to resist the urge she was giving him and hurriedly pushed her away. He then sealed her body with his high cultivation and flew away from the streets. He knew… it was necessary for him to bring her to his master.

After he arrived at the Guile Magus Academy, Donghai panicked and hurriedly called out to their master. “Master! Master! Fenger seemed to be in trouble!”

As he shouted that, the academys headmaster immediately appeared in front of them. When he stared at his disciple, his eyes squinted. However, before he could even examine her condition thoroughly, her body exploded… turning into blood mist. Bathed in blood, Donghai was terrified. The headmaster also had an expression of disbelief on his face.

‘What just happened


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