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868 Hu Guos Exposing the Secret

“Im really worried that youll be left in the dark! I wont say those groundless things.

The reason I said that is definitely because I have evidence in my hands!”

The last wordevidence made Zhou Lin stop in his tracks.

“I came here to wait for you, and I brought evidence!” Hu Guo saw that Zhou Lin had stopped and quickly ran to his side.

Hu Guo took out her camera and showed Zhou Lin the photos she had taken earlier.

Hu Guo was also very good at finding the right angle when taking photos.

In the photo, the two of them were hugging, and it looked like they were kissing.

“You dont know this man, but you should be familiar with this womans figure! Its Yun Xi!” Hu Guo said smugly.

“So this is the pretty boy that the woman youve always doted on is taking care of outside!” Hu Guo continued.

“Where did you get this photo How did you get this picture” Zhou Lins emotions fluctuated slightly.

“I have a cousin who is doing business in your city and invited me to travel there.

I took this picture when I was strolling around her shop! You should be grateful that I was able to film such a scene, otherwise you would have been kept in the dark.

I told you these merchants cant be trusted!”

Hu Guo felt more and more accomplished.

“Ive also helped you gather some information!” Hu Guo put away her camera because she was afraid that Zhou Lins next move would be to smash her precious camera.

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“This man whos hugging the woman you love seems to be a sports student! But this was normal! It proves that Yun Xis preferences are very specific.

There are some similarities in the intensity of training between sports students and soldiers, which proves that Yun Xi likes those who are in good health.”

Hu Guo did not finish her sentence, but it made it even easier for people to imagine things.

“Also! After all, it was my father who recommended you to come here.

You should at least have a meal with my father before you leave!” Hu Guo still wanted to fight for a chance for herself.

“Ill go to the photo studio tonight to print this photo.

You can take this back and confront Yun Xi in person.”

Zhou Lins expression became colder and colder.

“Of course, I can have a meal with your father! However, I know what youre thinking.

Those thoughts in your heart will never come true, so dont waste your time on me.

“This matter isnt clear yet, and I wont just listen to one side of the story! Even if what you said is true and I cant be with Yun Xi, Ill never be with you!”

Zhou Lins words were somewhat heartless.

However, it was better to get the pain over with.

Only by letting Hu Guo experience this kind of pain could she start a new love life.

Behind Zhou Lins heartlessness was also compassion.

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