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Chapter 52 – He Wanted To Be Lu Yong’s Worthy Partner, And Not A Useless Parasite.

Shen Wenqiu’s former friends and relatives found that he had cheered up.

It sounded a little unusual.

Shen Wenqiu had disappeared from the world and no one knew his whereabouts, but he suddenly appeared and went to visit relatives during the Chinese New Year——


Shen Wenqiu took the initiative to come to their door to repay the money.

Although it was said to be repaid in instalments, the time and amount were agreed upon.

The creditors originally thought that this would turn into bad debt1, but they did not expect that one day Shen Wenqiu would take the initiative to visit.

At first, they didn’t believe it, but after they really got the money—although it wasn’t much, at least Shen Wenqiu started to pay it back—they then thought maybe this poor son of the Shen family was finally going to turn over.


Shen Wenqiu’s reputation a few years ago was really bad.

It didn’t matter if he owed money—who had never encountered a problem in business But Shen Wenqiu didn’t work hard although he had such a good education.

When his father died, it wasn’t that no one else helped him, but what about himself It was really outrageous for him to actually give up on himself and indulge in gambling and fun!

All the relatives knew that this youngest son of the Shen family was raised by his father in the palm of his hand2.

Well-behaved and coddled, he fell from the cloud to the mud.

Shen Wenqiu became devastated as he was unable to withstand this blow.

But no matter how good the relationship was, other people could at most just give him a helping hand.

Taking on a person’s life was a very heavy responsibility.

His relationship with other people was not good enough.

Besides, if people were to help him all the time, he would become reliant towards them and eventually feel ungrateful once they stopped helping him, so it wasn’t worth it to make trouble out of it.

So, all these years, they were watching him sink from the sidelines.


Shen Wenqiu’s relatives once met him on the street by chance.

Their impression of him was still on his skinny appearance and withered face.

He was neither human nor a ghost, and they even doubted how long he could live.

They heard that he was wandering around and that he stayed up all night to gamble.

They heard… They heard that he was about to die and that he had suddenly disappeared.

Someone vaguely heard that he had committed suicide on the news.


During the Chinese New Year, no one mentioned Shen Wenqiu.

His grandmother passed away, and his father was also gone.

Some people thought, if Shen Wenqiu really died, who would hold the funeral for him No one wanted to be involved.


Then, now that Shen Wenqiu had reappeared, he actually transformed.

He looked like he had changed back into looking like a human again! He wasvery good-looking and energetic, and one could finally see what he looked like at the beginning.

You know, Shen Wenqiu had been the most lovable and cute boy among the children since he was a child, and the adults liked him.

So he and his relatives were slowly coming to terms again.


No one dared to care about him before, but it wasn’t because the family was in a downturn after bankruptcy.

Who didn’t have a bad time in their life It was mainly because Shen Wenqiu was addicted to gambling.

People could help poor relatives, but they couldn’t help a gambling dog.

Everyone loved the dramatic return of the prodigal son rehabilitating and turning for the better.

Now that Shen Wenqiu had turned over a new leaf, everyone was naturally willing to make connections with him. 

Shen Wenqiu not only had to repay his own debts, but his father’s who also asked relatives and friends to borrow money.

Shen Wenqiu was not the party involved, and he did not know the amounts very well.

So he asked them one by one if, in the past, there were IOUs that were written down and promised to pay them off in the future.


This was not a debt he personally owed but a legacy from his dad, and even if he refused to pay it, there was also nothing legally objectionable about it.

However, Shen Wenqiu didn’t plan to ask Lu Yong to pay the debt for him.

He would work hard and pay it back slowly with his own wages.

After his family went bankrupt, he liquidated his assets.

Most of his father’s debts were cleared, and the money he owed to relatives and friends was still fine.

He felt that he could repay it slowly, taking more than ten years at most.

At least now he had a head start.


And Lu Yong was by his side.

Others also discovered that when Shen Wenqiu visited relatives and friends, there was always a man by his side.

He didn’t enter through the door.

Like his driver, he would drive him and pick him up.

When Shen Wenqiu talked about things, that man would sit outside in the car and wait for him to finish talking.

He would then drive him away.

But the other party’s appearance didn’t look like a driver, and the two seemed to have an unusual relationship.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that even if they were just standing together, there was a sweet and soft atmosphere.


But even if everyone knew it well, no one asked directly.

What was there to ask It would only cause embarrassment.


Even if it were like that, so what It didn’t hinder others.

It was a miracle that someone with baggage like Shen Wenqiu could find someone to be so good to him.

Although being gay was still shocking to the older generation, since Shen Wenqiu used to be a hopeless gambling dog, in comparison, just falling in love with a man seemed pure and docile.

It was completely acceptable.

It wasn’t not illegal, right


Some of the more hospitable relatives would even take the initiative to invite Lu Yong to come in and sit down.

When one goes to someone’s door, one is always a guest.

so, they just took it as making a new friend.

Shen Wenqiu naturally introduced all his family’s previous connections to Lu Yong.

Lu Yong was not too handsome, and not very kind-looking, but he felt very reliable.

They asked again and learned that he had successfully started his own business at a young age and had several companies under his name.

He was an outstanding entrepreneur, and also a regional representative.

In this way, all doubts would be resolved.

For example, where did Shen Wenqiu get the money to repay the debt It made people feel that he was born rich and had good fortune.

When his father died, he was immediately picked up by a rich man to support him.

No one thought that this was for fun.

It could help him pay off so many debts.

But no matter how one looked at it, it looked like true love.


Shen Wenqiu knew what kind of criticism there would be, but he didn’t care—his purpose was to introduce all the contacts he could contact to Lu Yong, so he could be very shameless about this.

Even Shen Wenqiu bittersweetly thought that on the bright side, the worst days of his life were not completely useless.

At least they thickened his face.

He wanted to help Lu Yong, so he was full of motivation.


The business circle was not big, but it was not small either.

Shen Wenqiu introduced Lu Yong to several uncles and uncles who worked in the electrical and electronic product industry.

The last time he went to a meeting, Shen Wenqiu heard a piece of news.

Next, the domestic market would continue to follow the international standards, and a stricter manufacturer’s recycling responsibility system would be formulated so that manufacturers undertook the recycling of waste household appliances, and producers would continue to bear relevant environmental responsibilities after their goods were finally consumed.

For example, Country R was the first to introduce relevant regulations fifteen years ago, and the scope of treatment had been expanded step by step, from initial product packaging to waste electrical and electronic products.

The producer responsibility system for electronic appliances had also been introduced on the basis of relevant environmental laws.

Last year, China also established special funds and institutional subsidies for the recycling and disposal of electronic waste appliances, but it was still a drop in the bucket.

More than a dozen companies across the country received subsidies, and Lu Yong’s company was one of them.

But this fund was allocated very slowly.

Lu Yong definitely could not focus mainly on this, and he did not expect to bring a lot of profits either, so he was not in a hurry.


It only took one battery to pollute a person’s lifetime of drinking water, and sometimes it only took one incident to destroy a person’s lifetime.

But pollution control was a constant battle that would take years, even decades and centuries, and in his opinion, the same was true with starting a company.

So did with raising a person.


Because of the manufacturer’s responsibility system, Shen Wenqiu planned to help Lu Yong connect with companies that did not have relevant solutions.

This was a win-win situation.

The other party did not need to invest a lot of money and manpower in the development of recycling technology, and the professional things were left to professional people.

On the other hand, Lu Yong was fixated on large customers.

Shen Wenqiu was completely confident in Lu Yong.

He felt that in this regard, Lu Yong was a leader in the domestic industry, and he was not inferior even internationally.

People with visions would definitely choose Lu Yong.


Shen Wenqiu worked hard to write the plan.

It couldn’t be said that he single-mindedly thought that he must make achievements.

It should be said that he finally had something that he was interested in and wanted to do, and everything seemed to come naturally.

He was so immersed in his work that he didn’t feel tired at all.

Instead, he looked forward to the next day every day, when he could finish a little more work, and vaguely felt that the end was near.


This day.

Shen Wenqiu was about to visit a client again.

He prepared himself and was about to go out.

Lu Yong asked, “Do you want me to accompany you”

Shen Wenqiu was stunned for a moment, Lu Yong didn’t ask this before because he would definitely go with him.


Shen Wenqiu asked, “Is there something else you need to do”

Lu Yong shook his head.

“It’s nothing, but I think you’ve been in good shape recently, and it’s fine to go out alone.”

Listening to this, if someone else was Lu Yong’s lover, they would definitely misunderstand Lu Yong.

But looking at Lu Yong’s expression, he was like a father gritting his teeth after promising his child to go home by themself from school.

He said melancholy and worryingly, “I can’t spend my life like you’re locked up next to me, can I Or follow you around everywhere, right You have to have your own freedom and privacy.”

Shen Wenqiu’s heart was warm, and he was actually reluctant to let go of Lu Yong, but he could not let down Lu Yong’s good intentions.

Moreover, he couldn’t be a burden that Lu Yong couldn’t let go of forever, right


He wanted to be Lu Yong’s worthy partner, and not a useless parasite.

Therefore, Shen Wenqiu gave an “En”.


Lu Yong’s expression did not look very good.

Shen Wenqiu smiled and asked, “What’s with your expression”

Lu Yong said unconfidently, “I thought you wouldn’t agree right away and that you would ask me to coax a few words before agreeing.

I also thought that you would say that you couldn’t bear to let me go.”

“Oh, then I’ll take it back.” Shen Wenqiu said amusingly, “I won’t agree first, you can coax me a few words.”

Lu Yong blushed suddenly.


In the end, Shen Wenqiu went alone, and Lu Yong neatly arranged a bunch of things for him in fear that he would forget something, so he gave him thousands of instructions.

Shen Wenqiu was almost getting fed up.

“I’m not a primary school student going to a spring outing, so stop stuffing me with things.”

Lu Yong had no choice but to give up grumpily.

He was such a big man, yet he was like a dog who needed to stay at home, and said sadly, “Xiao Baa, I will miss you.”

Shen Wenqiu felt he was cute and was speechless, “Why are you saying it like I’m going to be gone for a long time Didn’t I just go there for one afternoon and have dinner I’ll be back after dinner.”

Lu Yong said, “We haven’t been apart for several hours for half a year.”


At that time, Shen Wenqiu felt that it was not a big deal.

When Lu Yong was really not around, and after just over an hour, he felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

He always felt that as soon as he stretched out his hand, Lu Yong should be by his side.

Lu Yong had become a habit of his and an indispensable part of his life.


This kind of hallucination lasted until the end of the dinner.

Shen Wenqiu couldn’t bear it any longer.

He really wanted to go home and find Lu Yong.


In the end, the client proposed to go to KTV to sing again.

Shen Wenqiu had to continue entertaining, but he didn’t sing much.

Lu Yong was already urging him to go home, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that it was his partner calling him.


The client teased him, “Manager Shen is so handsome, your girlfriend must be beautiful, right”

Shen Wenqiu smiled slightly and shook his head, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

The client asks in surprise, “You don’t have a partner”

What should he say Shen Wenqiu thought that it was possible to say that there was a partner, but he felt that it was not correct to use such a vague term, and even the use of a boyfriend was not accurate enough.


It should be said that he has Lu Yong.

He has the best Lu Yong in the world, only his Lu Yong.


When he came back to his senses.

Shen Wenqiu found that the Mercury retrograde 3 that he had been in for several years seems to have passed.

Recently, his luck has improved a little.

Maybe it’s not that his luck has changed, but that he has changed himself.


After the new year, when the spring breeze was warm, Shen Wenqiu’s plan finally had a start, and news came from the capital.

The list of winners was out.

Lu Yong won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.


Bad debt refers to loans or outstanding balances owed that are no longer deemed recoverable and must be written off.


His father being over-protective and provided everything to him.


series of bad luck


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