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Soulless Banquet And then there was three

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Kent silently turned and trudged towards the bench, passing shoulder to shoulder with another titan. "Murder him." The titan doesn look but the pure destructive aura Kent is releasing is all threatening enough he remains petrified for a second looking directly to the other side, however he couldn see anything in front of him all he envisioned was Kents deathly glare into his soul.

Xen inconspicuous eyes hung off Sunruas face first planted body across the line. "No-no way Sunrua is... its over-" Sunrua thrusted his body up onto his knees and turned his oblivious gleeful face to face the extremely distressed Xen. "Lessgoo! We did it I told you we could win we got Kent out!" "Yeah but how am I meant to beat them alone?" "What do you mean? Im here aren I?" Xen stares and Sunrua in a blank confusion, Sunrua does the same, till his head gradually lowers down. "Hehhhhh! Howd did I get over the line!!" "Im more surprised at the fact you didn notice!" Sunrua slumps down on the bench visibly irritated as he lays his head on his chin and sighs. "Xen. You got this you can win." Xen gulps as he turns from Sunrua to his opponents, looking like they were ready to kill a man more than all Kent. "Welp Im dead." Xen smiles in complete fear.

The moment the whistle blows Xen leaps for the ball Sunrua had saved him for and grabs it in less time the titan Kent had brushed by already had a ball and was preparing to launch it, with no hesitation pulls his entire body back for. Xen subconsciously takes a step backwards his fear oozing from his face. However before the sole of foot reaches the ground again he stops. No, this isnt what I want, I don want to run, and sorry Sunrua neither do I want to win. What I want is to not have to be lumped into the bracket of a weakling, a coward, a push-over. Everday I cowered to those greater than me and accepted anything with a sorry. Even though wanting was never something that deserved an apology. "I never want to be belittled again!" Xen stamps his foot down and stands firm staring down the bullet of a ball soaring towards him "Xen what the hell are you doing!" Sunrua screams from the side lines, and in that moment the room is shook with a deafening *Bam!* However the silence overtakes the sound at every is overwhelmed absorbing the impossible. "Grahhhh!" Xen had used his own ball and took a direct hit to the chest blocking his opponents. Sunrua realised I hated the way I was treated, however not the context, he galvanized that deep desire Ive kept locked up for so damn long. Reflecting off his own the other ball launched into the air, as Xen himself was flung backwards. Not wasting a second Xen jumps to his feet and grabs the ball once again. "I-WANT-TO-FIGHT." Xen hurls the ball towards the boy that had just thrown the ball towards him with every drop of strength his body had to offer, the cheering from Sunrua catalysed an uproar on the white team cheering on Xen, the ball flew as it caused the dust to jump along side the soaring orb further and further towards its target, the cheers increased even the coach joining in and. Not a sound followed. The boy almost as if instinctively caught the ball effortlessly, it didn utter a single sound. The coach clenched his eye lids and fist in disappointment he called. "Xen out!" "Black team. Black team wins!" Xen fell to his knees with a great smile, Sunruas shock evolved to glee and rushed towards Xen with praise, the entire team followed.

The titan that had caught the ball dropped it to the floor and without looking back "K-Kent Im sorry." Kent got up from the bench and left the room as the white team continued to celebrate.

"Whooo! What a rush. You really showed them didn you Xen." Sunrua says as he stretches his arms walking into the changing room "Sunrua you do know we lost right? I don understand why you

e so giddy." Xen questions. "Huh? Don lie to yourself I saw you smiling like you just won the lottery after that game." "Ha-hah." Xen opens the door to the changing room and walks inside, however the door closes behind him Sunrua had entered alongside him. He looks to his right to see the coach leaning against the wall on his phone. Xen rushes back to the door and slams it open, to see Blake, Kent and another titan dragging Sunrua as they drag cattle outside. "Dammit." He dashes out the door and heads in the opposite direction. "Ow-ow watch the hair!" Sunrua screeches whilst one of the titans drags Sunrua by his long white hair tied in a man bun. "You

e own damn fault for having that bitch haircut." Remarks Blake. "Just let me walk, Just let me walk Ill come peacefully." "Yeah, no Im not that stupid I know how fast you skedaddle."

Sunrua is hauled to a backstreet behind the school where he is tossed towards the ground. Sunrua gets up on one knee. "How do you still end up salty after winning?" Sunrua attempts to get back on both his feet immediately Kent plants his fist into Sunruas stomach, blood and spit spurts out of his mouth and send him flying back into the wall, Sunrua slowly falls to the floor his eyes whited out after his head got slammed in, a dent was created in the stone wall. He begins gasping and wheezing violently, but before Sunrua could even get the release of reaching the floor Blake sweeps his foot against Sunruas face downwards slamming him into the ground, the impact caused him to bounce back up after the impact, directly into a blow in the eye by Blake. "Gagh!" "That big mouth of yours seems to be sealed shut now huh?" Kent says cracking his knuckles and stepping towards Sunruas lifeless body. "Why not tell us where Xen is maybe he could take half the beating for you, now theres no teacher, no rules no balls. Just fists." Kent continues. Without Sunrua moving a muscle he manages to let out. "Did you guys just say you

e about to **** me? *cough* please wait Im still a virgin!" "Even when you

e unable to run, you still always manage to run you

e mouth you damned bastard."

"Hey Danny get over here, beat the ** out of him." Kent calls over his shoulder. The boy from the game that was part of the black team, no was the black teams tray proudly marches from behind Kent his hands in his pockets. "Yeah dont worry I was just waiting my turn." He begins remorselessly kicking Sunrua over and over again. He then goes in to finish it with a punch but his hand is stopped in its tracks. "What the?" Sunrua gripped onto his wrists tightly, he turned to look at Danny with his bloodied face he swings his leg over Dannys leg as he falls Sunrua gets up and pulls his wrist driving his face into his Knee. "You

e actually gonna fight back Id say you was better off lying down and dying peacefully." Blake says as he darts towards Sunrua and throws his fist , Sunrua pulls Blakes arm under his shoulder and takes a step back dragging Blake to the ground, just before he reached the ground kicked him to the side with his thigh. "Ok, youve done it now," Kent charges towards Sunrua like a bull Sunrua ducks and slides under charging his leg up in the process. "Arghh!" Kent shrieked as if 4 year old girl. Sunrua had slammed his foot against Kents balls. "Guess you was right no balls huh?" Sunrua says dusting off his hands as Kent held his crotch. "Time to get out of-" A fist is thrusted into Sunruas face throwing him to the ground. "Forgot about me. Didnt you." "Always forget the side characters sorry." "Why you!" The titan pulls Sunrua up by the shirt before a small call silenced the area.

"Hey you two stop what are you doing!" Sunrua felt a warm light coming from the opening end of the backstreet, and the sun was almost entirely blocked by the wall. "Ugh why must guys always fight..." A short blonde haired girl, wearing a similar PE kit to Sunrua and the other titans. "Hey. I don know who you are. But I recommend you leave this place asap." The girl looks at Sunrua surprised. "Wow. You

e in that shape and still want to go on. Did they really hit your head that hard?" "Its for your own sake Theres no telling what these crazy titans are gonna pull next." The titan gripping Sunruas shirt suddenly releases him, Sunrua floats back down to the ground, and he falls to his knees. "Wait what the?" She giggles "Haha Im a titan to you know." "Are you sure you

e like five foot." Sunrua queries. "Shut up! And Im not just anybody Im Mia. Mia Heartfelt." She says smiling, with her eyes closes, as if expecting something in return to that stament. Sunrua slowly tilts his head "Huh?" "Um- I guess Im Sunrua, just Sunrua." "You idiot." The titan that was just gripping Sunrua exclaims. "Shes the owner of the schools daughter! Look Im not trying to get expelled Im out of here!" The boy dashes past Mia not to be seen again. Kent, Blake and Danny all get up and follow suite. Kent gives Sunrua a deathly stare before leaving. "Erm. You not gonna run as well?" Mia questions. "No why would I be?" Mias eyes widen at the reply.

"So howd you find me anyway?" Before Mia could answer Xen strolls from behind the corner and leans against the wall, in an obvious yet failing attempt to act cool. "Thatd be my doing." Xen smiles pushing down his glasses. "So you was so scared you had to call a little girl to help you?" "How many times shut your mouth!" She says her face visibly irritated. "Hey I couldve saved your life right now!" Xen follows, "There was no point me coming just to die along side you idiot." "Well maybe-" Before Sunrua can finish his sentence his body limps and he falls to his knees. "Ow what the hell!" He says pushing himself back up onto one knee. "You

e in no shape to be jesting, look at your injuries. Xen come help me take him to the infirmary." "Fine Ill help his ungrateful ass again." "No, Im good I just felt a little light, really. Hey stop!" Mia takes Sunruas left arm as Xen his right. This is a new feeling Sunrua feels. "Hey guys." "Hm?" Both Xen and Mia say in unison. "Thanks." Surprised you

e able to support my weight at all with that-" *Slap!*

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