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The Billionaires Sister Chapter 10

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Alice Dark Hart, when will you be organized? He shook his head and walked towards the king size canopy bed. Her books were scattered all over the bed while she lay at the tip of the bed. It was certain her next turn will make her fall.

Leon collected and arranged the books on the bookshelf closer to her study table. He gently scooped her in his arms and placed her gently in the middle of the bed,while he covered her body with her pink fluffy comfy duvet.

He brushed the hair off her face and pegged her forehead. He stood beside the bed and watch her sleep peacefully.


I blinked my eyes severally to adjust to the bright light in the room. I sat on the bed and rubbed my eyes while yawning.


Yh yes....GUARDS

What happened? Leo rushed to Als side and embraced her while panting.

It okay you are fine,Im here.

She pulled out from his embrace and began shouting.

"What is wrong with you,he yelled out frustrated.

Leon what are you doing in my room?

He rolled his eyes,so is this you reason for screaming?

Of course yes,she said hitting the bed with her hand.


"You what"

Ok fine I spent my night here.

In my couch?she said with a raised brow"

"Yes in your couch"

"But why? I mean why would the almighty Leonard Dark Hart lie in a couch?

He stared at her with lazy eyes. You should rather ask yourself where your books were kept?

She began looking at her surroundings. You packed the books right? "like always, he shook his his head"

Come on go clean your teeth and freshen up,we will have breakfast together.

With a huge smile plastered on her face, yeah are you serious,I mean it been ages since we had breakfast together so Im...

His gaze made her shut up...

"Fine,Im going,Im going

She quickly got off the bed and walked into her bathroom.

Leon walked to the intercom in Als room which was linked to the kitchens phone.

He pressed the button and began ordering...

"Two plates of toast,bacon, sausage and egg . One glass of orange juice and a cup of black coffee"

After 2mins there was a knock on the door.

Enter he ordered"

There," he directed her to the mini dining table in the room.

Sir do you need anything?

She bowed while talking to him

He just shook his hands in the air dismissing her.

"He raised his head from his phone to see her still standing with her bowed head.

"Are you still here?

"Im so sorry sir ,I didn hear you dismissing me..

His cold gaze made her shiver. He rolled his eyes. Must I always speak,how would you have seen, your head was still bowed.

You are fired for irritating me with your presence.

"Why is she fired,you always destroy your mood. "You can leave,and you are not fired maam

"Thanks maam"

"What was the meaning of that Al?

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