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Cough Cough Cough

Arsh wakes up with a sharp pain in his whole body, as he flinched from the pain, he started looking around the place.

Blink Blink

When arsh open his eyes slowly he sees a wooden cottage which looked too old. There was a candle near his bed and a man sitting on the chair near the bed. The man had expression of amusement.

"I didn thaught you were going to survive,kid"

Arsh stares at him then asks -

"Who are you?"

"Kid you shouldn talk like this to your saviour you know , didn your parents teach you any manners "


"Woah! Calm down kid no need to be so agitated"

The room went silent for few seconds then then man turned to arsh and asked

"You hungry?,kid"

"You can call me Alan. Where are you from by the way?"

Arsh said in a low voice.

"From a village that used to exist on top of the mountain"

The man gasped and exclaimed.

"From the land of forsaken?"

"Is it true that it really exists? I only heard legends about that place. It is forbidden for any person to go in the northern mountains"

"Wow you seem like a package of trouble to me. If any of the churches know you are alive, you are not in for a good ride"

The man went silent and then said with a sigh-

"Looks like we got a lot to talk about . So why don we start while eating, you were unconscious for whole day after i picked you up from the river. I think you will be plenty hungry by now"


Arsh don believe the man first, but after Alan pesters him for a while he sits on the table and start eating the bread on the table .

The man smirks and says "How do you know it wasn poisoned?"

Arsh spits all the food in his mouth and starts coughing violently.

The man says while laughing out loud "kid i was just joking i don know why you are so on the edge"

"And if i want to kill you it will be matter of seconds, for an former espada like me"

Arsh went silent and started glaring at man . He didn spoke a word until he finished his food.

After a while he lifted his head up and said with a somewhat curious expression on his face " Whats an espada ?"

The man smiled at him "oh now you feel like talking"Then the man face turned serious he said "How much you know about the world we live in ?"

Arsh said in a emotionless voice "It is ruled by gods"

The man stared at him then said "Half right and half wrong"

"You know there is 4 continents in the world they all have different cities and every single one of them is in jurisdiction Of the churches except for the northern continent.\

"What i am going to tell you i don think youll be able to understand. Every person in this world thinks there are only 5 gods in the world , which is not true. There are a being more powerful than all of the 5 gods combined, whose only temple is on top of this northern mountain we call him the -"

"DEATH GOD" Alan and arsh said in unison.

Now it was Alans turn to be shocked he said with a confused and cold expression on his face "How you know that. It is greatest secret of the royal family?"

Arsh said in a simple manner "Because he will die by my hands"

Now Alan was too confused to keep his curiosity in check he said in a loud voice "Do you know what you are saying if we were not in the northern continent we would have loosed our heads , you are going to kill gods"

He scoffed and said "kid you can even kill pets of demon . You are not in your right state of mind if you are talking smack about gods"

Alan went silent then asked with a sigh

"Tell me about yourself, you can trust me. I am also here because of treason ,so we are in the same boat"

Arsh looked upto him and said in a cold voice "Then you also have to answer my questions that i have for you \ After this he started telling Alan his story as to how he reached here at least as far as he can remember, while stutring he finished his story .

Alan looked at him with pity and sadness and pulled him into hug " It must have been hard kid \ he said in a very low voice and Arsh started to weep on his shoulder-

"Yeah it was"


"Lets start form the start kid . I was an espada for the southern continent military. It is a rank given to assassin who kills what is deemed to be threat by the king and churches"

"Every continent consists of many cities with only one monarch. Which is appointed by the churches , so basically every single person in this world are puppets of those beings. And believe me they are wicked but not stupid enough to do all this for mere amusment. They have some kind of goal which we are not aware of yet"

"I betrayed them when i was missioned with killing a newborn twins and thier mother . I always knew i am a monster, but even then i was not able to kill those kids" he said with extreme sadness on his face.

"I knew a blunt knife have no use so it was only a matter of time before i was killed by my fellow espadas. So i ran away in the northern continent, away from the eyes of gods." He went silent and then said -

"The northern continent have only one town in the centre but no monarch . This place is filled with all type of magical creatures which can kill you just by thier presence. And thier is a very famous legend all around the globe abou this place."

He then continued "In the deep forest of northern continent there lives people who have declined the hands of gods and are trying to go against their will , we call them the forsaken ones" he said then with a sigh-

"I never knew they existed though."

For Arsh it was a lot to take in so he went silent for sometime. After some time he asked "What about the death god?"

The man eyed him carefully and said " I don know anything about him except for he is the reason there are no churches in this continent . I heard every other god is scared of his powers , they say he is omnipotent."

Arsh digested every bit of information Alan gave him. He then started thinking about now what to do with his life , he is alive and well and there are still people in this world who have killed her mother .

He was so deep in thaught Alan have to shake him out of his thaught and then he asked him worried voice "You okay? Kid"

Arsh thaught for a moment then asked him in voice full of determination "Teach me magic and fighting"

Alan was surprised and said "Kid i don know any magic except for stealth but i am pretty good with the swords and dagger. But leaving all that aside thier is no reason for me to teach you" he announced.

Arsh turned his faced downwards and said "Ill do anything you ask of me , but i need power to exact revenge on people who murdered my family and villagers , Please help me Alan PLEASE \ He said while his face was downcast.

"You should stop crying first . Let yourself cool off for some time , sleep on the bed i will take the couch and come with me in the morning\


"Lets get you decent kid" after saying this alan left his house with Arsh. Alans house was on the hill near the river a little far from the town .

"The town is also on the bank of the river its called Amal . I know the name is unusual but the eastern continent names are always weird" he said with a shrug.

Arsh asked him "why are we going to town? and i remember you said only traitors or forsaken come to northern continent"

"Thats the story for another time . Just remember people here are good natured. So there is no reason to always be on edge around them" After saying this they entered the town from the main gate.

They entered a clothes shop together and Alan said to the women at the counter "Clothes for this kid" the woman eyed him carefully and then smirked .

"I never knew you had a kid . Thats why you live so far away from the town? Let me meet your wife then."

The lady bent down to be on sams eye level as Arsh and said "This prick didn hurt you did he?"

Arsh chuckled and said "No mam"

They left the shop and entered a weapon shop. The man at the counter shouted "Ah, the guy from the outside; what buisness do i owe you for your visit to this humble armory."

"I need short daggers made of collarbones of the mantises" Alan said casually.

Alan then stopped at a tavern and buyed rations while talking to everyone around there. Once in a while every person was trying to ask him whose kid arsh was.

They returned home after sometime Alan gave him clothes and dagger and told him to change his ragged clothes.

Alan smacked him on the head and said with a grin "Meet me outside Kid after finishing your lunch, lets start your training"

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