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Chapter 605: Return To The Dragon Palace

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Xiao Tian burped contentedly in the air, swallowed the last strand of sword qi impurities, and then slammed into Yang Chens body and disappeared.

The scene where Yang Chens chest was pierced just now was just the process of the opponents flying sword flying from behind to Xiao Tians mouth, and then Xiao Tian appeared in Yang Chens chest in the fastest time and spat out the tip of the sword.

On the surface, it really looks like Yang Chen was pierced in the chest, but in fact, Yang Chen didnt hurt even a single hair.

As for Yang Chen bleeding, many people in the Jiedan stage can do this, needless to say Yang Chen who was a Yuanying stage master.

However, the scholar thought he had destroyed Yang Chens vitality, so he deliberately did not finish him off, but let Yang Chen watch the process of refining the sword qi to show his pride.

Harming others waa not the opposite of harming oneself.

When the scribe was dying, he probably thought of this sentence.

Especially after hearing these explanations from Yang Chen, it was estimated that this kind of unwillingness was even more obvious.

Yang Chen really intends that if this guy was knowledgeable, everyone will benefit from it.

Although the sword qi body cant be given to him, the metal qi impurities outside, if he can refine it, would be a rare precious material in ten thousand years.

But now, the benefits were still given to Xiao Tian first.

Without the outer shell, the body of the sword qi was finally revealed.

Right at the bottom of the well, Yang Chen jumped down, took out the scabbard containing the sword qi, and handed it to Shi Shanshan.

The real pure yang sword qi was not that long at all, just a strand less than three feet long, as thin as a gossamer thread.

There were some faint rays of light flashing, and it kept wandering in the scabbard.

From the appearance alone, compared to those metal qi impurities, it was not known how bad it was.

It has neither the imposing manner nor the brilliant appearance, it looks like a thin little earthworm.

The scabbard was also something that looked very ordinary.

The scabbard made of metal was very ancient, but thats all, there was no gorgeous appearance, there was no compelling aura, if someone else sees it, it will be regarded as an antique scabbard at most.

Who will take it seriously

But Shi Shanshan was not the kind of superficial person who judges things by their appearance.

There was Yang Chen, a husband who knows almost everything, nothing good can escape his eyes.

“Shanshan, this is a pure Yang sword qi left by Master Lu to his friends back then.

It is invincible and unparalleled, and it fits your attitude.” Yang Chen finally told Shi Shanshan the origin of this sword qi ” In the future, your cultivation will be refining and subduing this sword qi.

I believe that you will continue to carry out this process for many years from now until you ascend to the spiritual world.”

This was not Yang Chen underestimating Shi Shanshans ability, but this sword qi was indeed so powerful.

The foundation left by Master Lu, plus the fact that it had been nurtured for hundreds of thousands of years or even longer in this metal qi-rich land.

To put it in a bad way, let alone the sword qi left by Master Lu, even if it was a fart, it was now the most powerful fart in the mortal world, not to mention this supreme pure Yang sword qi

“Similarly, Shanshan, this is also the last time I interfere with your cultivation.” Yang Chen said very formally and seriously “You will have to decide the direction of your future cultivation.

I believe that one day, you will be my pride.”

This is not the first time Yang Chen has said this, but now that Shi Shanshan has obtained the sword qi, she truly realizes the value of everything Yang Chen arranged for her.

She couldnt help but feel a heat flow in her eyes.

The warmth in her heart was a happiness that Shi Shanshan had never felt from her sect or her master.

“Husband, are you not afraid that after I refine this sword energy, you wont be able to beat me” Fortunately, Shi Shanshan has always been in a good state of mind and quickly controlled her emotions.

She buried her head in Yang Chens arms, feeling this happiness personally, and then asked in a joking manner.

“How could it be” Yang Chen lowered his head, kissed his wife lightly, and then said with a smile, “You refine the sword energy, of course this scabbard belongs to me, and you will still be in the hands of your husband and cannot escape in the future.”

A scabbard that can accommodate pure Yang sword energy, as long as you are not a fool, you must know that this was very precious.

Shi Shanshan refined the sword qi, and the body was the scabbard, so naturally, it will not be used.

There was no need to ask the ownership of this scabbard, it must belong to Yang Chen.

With this kind of holy artifact, added to the sword, the quality of the sword will definitely be higher.

If he refines the space connection point in the future, with the addition of Xiao Tian, Yang Chen cant imagine who else can resist his Immortal beheading blade.

“Lets go, theres going to be a drastic change here.” Yang Chen reminded Shi Shanshan gently, but Shi Shanshan was still in Yang Chens arms and didnt want to move.

Yang Chen smiled, summoned the flying shuttle, and rushed into the sky quickly.

Not long after the shuttle left, the entire area of ​​thousands of miles began to vibrate violently.

Countless mountain peaks, in the shaking of the earth, fell down and collapsed in pieces, and it was not too much to describe it as earth-shattering.

Fortunately, there were no living creatures at all here, otherwise, it was not known how many living creatures would be ruined.

The situation of the landslide and ground fissure lasted for more than an hour before it stopped.

When everything was calm, the original scene of the towering mountain peaks had undergone earth-shaking changes, and it had directly turned into a large pit covering a radius of thousands of miles.

Rain clouds began to slowly accumulate in the sky, which was unprecedented, and then the raindrops fell quickly.

Countless water droplets fell from the sky and gathered in this huge earth pit.

The water level rose little by little, and the surrounding area also had rivers diverted and flowed to this area.

Soon, a not so deep lake was formed here.

It is believed that with the passage of time, this place will become a huge lake, the river will bring living beings in the water, and the surrounding spiritual power would be replenished and slowly return to normal.

In just a few years, it will be a vibrant scene, maybe there will be cultivators coming here to cultivate, but these are for later.

Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan have not paid attention to these.

Yang Chen took Shi Shanshan back to the sea of no return, plunged into the bottom of the sea, set up the Dragon Palace, and the two entered the Dragon Palace.

Just above the huge map of the East China Sea, Yang Chen chose a few places with the strongest spiritual veins, placed a large amount of four seas mysterious coral spiritual Liquid directly on it, and then let Shi Shanshan immerse her whole body in the spiritual liquid, and sat down.

On the black Yaoyu futon, he began to instruct Shi Shanshan to refine this pure Yang sword qi.

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