Six Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy
By Ambassador Animal Hospital
April 18, 2014
Category: Dog Hospital
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Just as you prepare yourself for warmer months with dieting and exercise, let’s take a look at how you can help keep dogyour dog healthy, as well! As the Bartlett area’s best pet hospital, Ambassador Animal Hospital, LTD is available to help you take the steps you need to keep your dog healthy.
Watch What You Feed Your Dog
It is important to feed your dog high-quality, well-balanced dog food and treats.  What you feed your dog is its main sources of nutrition.  Today, there are numerous high quality pet foods being sold in veterinary offices and pet stores.  When choosing a food for your dog, pay attention to the first five ingredients on the pet food label.  These ingredients generally make up the majority of the food, so be sure to look for meat and vegetables, rather than meat by-products and grain fillers.  Corn, rice, whole wheat, barley, soy and other gains are cheap sources of protein used by commercial pet food producers as a marketing ploy to increase the percentage of protein in their food—so watch out.
Watch Your Dog’s Weight
Obesity in pets is the same epidemic that it is in humans today, so watch your dog’s weight and make sure it remains at a healthy level. The added stress of being overweight will shorten your pet’s life, so watch what they eat and give them plenty of exercise. Additionally, provide your dog with a constant supply of fresh water to keep them properly hydrated throughout the day.
Groom Your Dog
At Ambassador Animal Hospital serving Carol Stream, Hanover Park and Bartlett, we offer grooming services because it is important to groom your dog regularly. Remember to brush your dog’s coat as it encourages good circulation and will help keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.  We offer grooming services to help ensure your pet’s coat remains healthy and shiny.
Clip Your Dog’s Nails
It is important to clip your dog’s nails to protect their paws from harm. Once accustomed to trimming their nails, most dogs will allow their owners to clip their nails at home with inexpensive clippers that are available at most pet stores.  However, if your dog resists, it may be easier for you to bring them into our animal hospital in Hanover Park. 
Clean Your Dog’s Ears
You can easily clean your dog’s ears at home with an array of products available from our office, or your local pet store.  By cleaning your dog’s ears, you are removing dirt and debris out of your pet’s ears to protect them from infection.
Pay Attention to Their Dental Health
Just as you need to brush and floss your teeth daily for optimal oral health, it is also important to monitor your dog’s dental health by providing appropriate dental care.  You can also give your dog healthy “bones” and chews that will promote healthy teeth and gums.  Visit our Bartlett area pet hospital to provide your dog with the best dental care.
Remember, to keep your dog healthy and happy it is important to visit Ambassador Animal Hospital in Hanover Park.  We are available to help you properly care for your dog and other pets so that you can live a healthy happy life with them. Contact us today to learn more about ways you can keep your pet healthy.