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By Ambassador Animal Hospital
August 05, 2014
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Take a Stand Against Ticks

Ticks are tiny disease carriers that are most active during warm weather beginning in spring, and continuing through summer, into fall. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease to both you and your pets, so it is 
important to understand the risks, and take extra precautions to protect yourself and your pets.   
Lyme disease has been found in every state, however it is still most prevalent in the Northeast and upper Midwest.  If left untreated, canine Lyme disease can cause joint disease, kidney damage and neurological problems.  The good news is, when Lyme disease is detected early in animals and treated with antibiotics, pets generally recover quickly.  

Protect Your Pets

Creating a strategy that involves avoidance, habitation control, tick checks, and repellents is the best way to protect your pets from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.  Ticks thrive in damp, dense woods.  When walking your dog, walk on trails and away from vegetation.  In addition, keep your cats indoors and control tick inhabitation by regularly mowing your lawn and removing leaf litter and brush piles.  Ticks can be hard to find, but checking your pets, and yourself, frequently can significantly reduce the chance of infection.  A tick only needs to be attached for 48 hours to transmit Lyme disease bacteria.  
In a high risk area, your veterinarians and staff may recommend an annual Lyme disease vaccination, blood screenings, and a repellent.  Safe, reliable chemical and natural tick control products are available from your Hanover Park veterinarian as dips, sprays, collars, and topical applications.  Many products will prevent fleas as well as ticks.  
Your veterinarian in Hanover Park at Ambassador Animal Hospital is the best source for more information on the dangers of ticks in your area.  As your pet has substantial exposure to ticks, you should ask your veterinarian in Hanover Park for advice about the appropriateness of a vaccination for Lyme disease.  
By Ambassador Animal Hospital
April 18, 2014
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Just as you prepare yourself for warmer months with dieting and exercise, let’s take a look at how you can help keep dogyour dog healthy, as well! As the Bartlett area’s best pet hospital, Ambassador Animal Hospital, LTD is available to help you take the steps you need to keep your dog healthy.
Watch What You Feed Your Dog
It is important to feed your dog high-quality, well-balanced dog food and treats.  What you feed your dog is its main sources of nutrition.  Today, there are numerous high quality pet foods being sold in veterinary offices and pet stores.  When choosing a food for your dog, pay attention to the first five ingredients on the pet food label.  These ingredients generally make up the majority of the food, so be sure to look for meat and vegetables, rather than meat by-products and grain fillers.  Corn, rice, whole wheat, barley, soy and other gains are cheap sources of protein used by commercial pet food producers as a marketing ploy to increase the percentage of protein in their food—so watch out.
Watch Your Dog’s Weight
Obesity in pets is the same epidemic that it is in humans today, so watch your dog’s weight and make sure it remains at a healthy level. The added stress of being overweight will shorten your pet’s life, so watch what they eat and give them plenty of exercise. Additionally, provide your dog with a constant supply of fresh water to keep them properly hydrated throughout the day.
Groom Your Dog
At Ambassador Animal Hospital serving Carol Stream, Hanover Park and Bartlett, we offer grooming services because it is important to groom your dog regularly. Remember to brush your dog’s coat as it encourages good circulation and will help keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.  We offer grooming services to help ensure your pet’s coat remains healthy and shiny.
Clip Your Dog’s Nails
It is important to clip your dog’s nails to protect their paws from harm. Once accustomed to trimming their nails, most dogs will allow their owners to clip their nails at home with inexpensive clippers that are available at most pet stores.  However, if your dog resists, it may be easier for you to bring them into our animal hospital in Hanover Park. 
Clean Your Dog’s Ears
You can easily clean your dog’s ears at home with an array of products available from our office, or your local pet store.  By cleaning your dog’s ears, you are removing dirt and debris out of your pet’s ears to protect them from infection.
Pay Attention to Their Dental Health
Just as you need to brush and floss your teeth daily for optimal oral health, it is also important to monitor your dog’s dental health by providing appropriate dental care.  You can also give your dog healthy “bones” and chews that will promote healthy teeth and gums.  Visit our Bartlett area pet hospital to provide your dog with the best dental care.
Remember, to keep your dog healthy and happy it is important to visit Ambassador Animal Hospital in Hanover Park.  We are available to help you properly care for your dog and other pets so that you can live a healthy happy life with them. Contact us today to learn more about ways you can keep your pet healthy.
By Ambassador Animal Hospital
April 14, 2014
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During the month of February it is National Pet Dental Month.  Whether you have a cat or a dog, it is important to visit Ambassador Animal Hospital for your pet’s dental cleaning! Just like us, our pets need special cleanings for their teeth, too.
As a Hanover Park cat hospital, dog hospital and exotic pet hospital, we want to make sure your pets receive the best care available and during the month of February we are focusing on dental care. So, during the month of February don’t turn your nose to your pet’s bad breath.  After all, that bad odor you are smelling might signify a serious health risk that could damage your pet’s teeth and gums, as well as its internal organs.
To address the importance of oral health care for pets, lets take a look at how you can improve the dental health of your pets through oral examinations and dental cleanings:
Oral Examinations: It is recommended that you visit our Carol Stream area veterinarian to evaluate puppies and kittens for problems related to baby teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, swelling and oral development.  As your pet ages, we will examine your pet for developmental anomalies, accumulation of plaque and tartar, periodontal disease, and oral tumors. These oral examinations can be completed with your pet awake, but a short-lasting anesthetic is required for a more complete examination.
Dental Cleanings: Adult dogs and cats require regular examinations and dental cleanings under general anesthesia.  With regular dental cleanings, your veterinarian will help protect your pet from the development of periodontal disease or other diseases.  Just like we need to visit the dentist, your pet, too, needs proper dental care.
During the month of February take your pet to Ambassador Animal Hospital in Hanover Park for proper dental cleanings. Through proper dental health, you are taking the next line of defense against diseases and complications, which helps to keep your pet healthy and happy for a lifetime.
Pet Boarding Hanover Park, Carol Stream BartlettWhether you are traveling for work or for leisure, at Ambassador Animal Hospital we understand that as a pet owner you have a responsibility to care for your pet.  So, when you are out of town, what do you do?  We are happy to invite you to bring your pet to Ambassador Animal Hospital for pet boarding in Hanover Park.  Serving the communities of Hanover Park, Carol Stream and Bartlett, our pet boarding services are available for dogs, cats, and exotic animals.
We want you to enjoy your vacation or take care of business needs without worrying about your pet.  While you will miss your pet, we can assure you that your pet will have the best experience while at our facilities serving Bartlett, Carol Stream and Hanover Park for pet boarding.  As an experienced animal hospital serving Bartlett, Carol Stream and Hanover Park communities, we hope to give you peace of mind, in addition to providing your pet with a more pleasant and less stressful experience while you are away.
While many veterinary practices do not offer specialized exotic pet services, we are happy to offer you services for any pet.  Exotic pet owners can feel comfortable leaving their pets with our staff at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Hanover Park because each team member attends to their needs immediately while owners are away, making sure the exotic pets feel relaxed and loved in their new temporary surroundings.
Whether you have a cat, dog or exotic pet, we invite you to utilize our Hanover Park, Carol Stream and Bartlett area pet boarding services when you go out of town.  The availability of pet boarding allows us to provide you and your pets with superior care while you are on vacation, away on business or simply working during the day.

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