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Chapter 5 – casualty

Char casted a spell.

"◯◯◯◯, Fire!"

As expected, the goblin had experience fighting people and didn't seem surprised by the spell chant, however, once the fireball burst out of Char's hand his face changed immediately.


In a passage like this, a large fireball that could not be avoided, and it indeed burned the goblin in its entirety.

All that was left was a red magic stone.

It seems that materials didn't appear this time.

Anyway, how strong could be a hit from a level 10 goblin, I'm not entirely sure but it should be stronger than the one I fought before.

And Char was a little tired because of her first battle.

No, that's not all...

She looked somewhat pale.

"I'm a little tired..."

Sharu seemed to be using the club as a cane.

Come to think of it, I've heard of this before.

Magic uses mental power, so you can't shoot multiple shots a day.

There is a limit to the number of shots...

And if you use too much magic, you will get tired...

Maybe that's what Char is experiencing now.

However, it seems that the number of times you can shoot will gradually increase as you gain experience.

"Then let's get some rest——"


Just as I was about to make a proposal, I heard a scream coming from the depths of the dungeon.

"Haku-san, let's go!"

Char, who should be tired, says strongly.

"Oh, let's go."

I nod at her words.

It's just something that happens in the dungeon.

If we're in danger, we have to consider abandoning them.

I was following Char who ran ahead of me.

The place where the voice came from was a slightly larger space, similar to the one where I fought a goblin for the first time.

And there were some people laying at the center of the room.

Was it a party of four

However, according to my [detailed appraisal], there is almost no alive, only one person...

a girl with long red hair and a tall-looking robe with many jewels, part of it that was moving up and down signaling that she was still breathing.


[White Adventurer's Certificate, Level 3]

[Wind Magic, Level 0 (Treasure Ball)]

[Enhanced Magic, Level 1]

[Obstruction Magic, Level 1]


This girl seems to be a mage similar to Char.

However, when I saw her face blue and how she's bleeding it's obvious she needs immediate treatment.

We stayed at a safe distanced observing the situation.

Many wolf-shaped monsters were camping around the girl.

Perhaps her companions were killed by these monsters.


"Wolf, Level 3"



They were stronger than the first goblin I fought, but this time there were many, one, two...

eight in total it seems, and if I count those that laid defeated their number go into the double digits.

Char is already close to the limit of her magic power, and I have no fighting skills.

They were a party of four and surely had combat skill, but even then, they were defeated.

Thinking so, I looked at Char.

"I feel sorry for her but...

it's reckless to try something here..."

Sharu shakes her head softly when she hears me say that.


let me do it."

Char looks at me with determined eyes.

However, that doesn't make the situation any better.

"No, it's reckless as it is, and there's a lot of enemies...

there's nothing the two of us can do..."

"If it's my magic..."

"You can't shoot that many anymore, can you It's dangerous."

"What if I kill all of them in one blow"

"If such a thing was possible then it would be good but..."

"Okay, I'll give it a try."

Char began casting a spell.

However, the spell seemed to be a little different from usual.


Instead of the usual large fireball, several small fireballs flew out of Charu's hands.

Although it didn't seem as powerful as the big one it still looked a bit excessive.

Even if it wasn't so powerful it would have been strong enough.

Once the wolves noticed the moved quickly to try and evade them, but due to the number of fireballs they were unable to dodge properly and, in the end, they were defeated by Char.


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