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Origin CourtAccepting Disciples With A System Chapter 30 Urinating The Egg

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WITH SHORT STRIDES, Yang Lujia leisurely walked around the streets. When he saw a stall that resembled a barbecue stand, he was truly surprised and approached the old woman selling some meat stuck on a barbecue stick.

This was simply barbecue in another world!

“Hello, how much for 30 pieces” Yang Lujia straightforwardly asked the old woman, his lips clamping against each other. “I want thirty pieces of this.”

The old woman was taken aback. It was the first time someone got her to cook this much. Usually, people would only order a few. Nonetheless, she still replied, “Young man, one piece of this costs 10 gold coins, so 300 gold coins for 30 pieces.”

“Eh” Yang Lujias eyes turned wide. “I dont have any gold coins with me, old lady. I only have spirit stones. Would that work” His eyes beckoned the old woman to agree, together with his hands clasped as though he was praying.

As soon as the old woman heard what he said, she came to her senses and was thoroughly dumbstruck. “Young sir, one spirit stone is already enough! One lower-grade spirit is equal to 1,000 gold coins!”

This time, it was Yang Lujia who was dumbfounded. Nevertheless, he still gave the old woman two spirit stones, particularly after knowing that her grandson was suffering from some illness that needed medicine.

Strolling again through the streets while holding the thirty barbecue sticks, he paced towards the inn and entered it. “Hey, Lu Daihu… Lu Daoyu…”.


He forgot her name again.

“Anyway, is there a comfort room here” Yang Lujia asked, after recalling something. He then placed the thirty barbecue sticks inside Fortuniels storage space. “I just need to do something.”

“Its on that side,” said Lu Daiyu as she motioned her hands to her right side. “Just go straight and turn right. Thats the male comfort room.”

“So, this kind of thing still exists in this world, huh” he subconsciously muttered.

This left Lu Daiyu in a daze. However, she then disregarded what Yang Lujia said. After all, this was an old monster that was strong and had lived long enough. She didnt want to assume anything normal about Yang Lujia.

When Yang Lujia entered the comfort room, he made certain that no one could enter the comfort room. After all, what he was about to do was very crucial. He didnt want to be disturbed. If someone peeked at him, would he be able to concentrate then

Looking at the humongous-sized egg in front of him, he placed it on the brown-tinted toilet bowl. It was exactly the egg that he signed in from the system the day before. However, as he looked at the unimpressive white egg, his gaze turned skeptical.

Was this really that Devouring Void Dog Egg Wasnt it supposed to look imposing Why did it look less impressive

Nevertheless, he still lifted his robe up with his qi. Under his robe was his pair of white pants. He then let his little brother slip out and started peeing on the Devouring Void Dog Egg. “Dont peek, you dog. Just lay there and let me pee.”

It had taken him a lot of urine to pee four times. He would urinate on this egg again later on. Urinating wasnt really something common among cultivators. One could just use their qi to pour out those dirty body liquids. Yang Lujias urine, in particular, didnt smell damp unlike those people on Earth.

Yang Lujia directly ignored Lu Daiyu when he got out and went directly up the stairs to see his beloved disciples. When he arrived in front of the room, he checked the array formations he set up were still there. It was a thousand-layer array formations. Any invader would have a hard time breaking the array formation layer by layer. Unless his disciples took the liberty to go out, no one would be able to break through it in this world.

However, his eyes soon widened. He opened up the door and dashed to check the room. His disciples actually…

Lin Diyu brought his second junior brother to a store in Guile City. They were in awe while staring at the store filled with embroideries and robes with elegant patterns. As they strode inward, they met a lot of people with high cultivation like them.

If only Long Guang didnt insist on finding their master, Lin Diyu wouldnt have brought his second junior brother outside the inn. Their master warned them, but he couldnt just leave his second junior brother wailing out his masters name. Evidently, Long Guang was disturbed in his sleep and was yearning for their masters presence.

On the other hand, in Guile Magus Academy, the headmaster sat on his large chair while looking at the dejected expression of his disciple, Donghai. By his side was none other than the other chairs of the academy instructors, with the two supreme instructors.

They were inside a large hall enchanted with a protective and offensive array formation. On its walls at the sides, frames of paintings were scattered about, tracing the faces of the previous headmasters of the academy.

Their majestic paintings contained a strong fighting intent that could drown a cultivator to death, unless they were strong enough to resist them. Other than the students of the academy, the instructors, and the supreme elders, no one could enter the hall easily.

Currently, the headmaster was wearing a solemn face. He still remembered what transpired. He knew that some God Emperor killed his disciple by diffusing a trace of that God Emperors qi into his disciples body.

“Donger, do you know who she met before you met her” the headmaster asked, his face solemn.

Donghai still had eyes of sorrow and extreme madness. Even when his master asked the question, he still remained slouched on the ground. He just couldnt make himself believe what had happened.

When the headmaster saw his disciples eyes, he sighed. He knew about Donghais love for Fenger. Unexpectedly, she died, and it happened with him present, helpless to do anything. This disciple would soon have a change in temperament.

Donghai was his most excellent disciple among three of his personal disciples. Perhaps this was something that he needed to get through. Fate was truly playful. Revenge couldnt be possible when he didnt even know whose energy corroded the body of his disciple, Fenger.

“Donger,” the headmaster slowly muttered. “You dont have to feel hopeless. I, too, am helpless to do anything. Not unless we can sense that energy from the person who killed her. However, we dont know how strong this person is. Revenge might not be possible with me doing it. However, it is possible with your talent. As the most talented disciple of this headmaster, go to the valley and hope to find a fortuitous encounter to elevate your cultivation. Through time, Im sure fate would let you meet that person who killed Fenger.”

Donghai soon stood up and felt enlightened by his masters words. He cupped his hands and bowed to the person sitting in front of him. “This disciple understands.”

Yang Lujia was still trying to locate his two disciples. He was growing restless due to their sudden disappearance.

Left with no other choice, he spread his mental power, and time rules surrounded the entire Guile City. Lines of peculiar characters floated in the air, intertwining with one another. Seeing this, Yang Lujia breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he could envelop the entire Guile City.

He then spread his surging mental power and searched throughout the city. It caused the cultivators with low cultivation levels to stumble and fall on the ground. However, they all remained frozen.


“These disciples!” Yang Lujia resentfully said that it made the entire city quake. “How dare they make their master feel restless”

He could only hope that there were no other cultivators as strong as he was in the city. Otherwise, he would really be doomed to make a fuss as big as this one.


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