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Chapter 2172: Lets See Who Dies First

“Mother**er, youre not the one being sacrificed.

If you have the ability, you can throw yourself onto the edge of a knife,” Ning Shu said in disgust.

Ning Shu mobilized her spiritual energy.

She didnt dodge and instead charged toward Gu Rui with her dagger.

Gu Rui wanted her life, so she would take his first.

So what if there was dragon energy protecting his body.

Lets see who dies first

Ning Shu stabbed at Gu Rui, who dodged sideways and avoided Ning Shus attack.

He reached out and tried to grab Ning Shu.

The two ended up in an intense, close-range fight.

Ning Shu clenched her jaw tightly.

Gu Ruis martial arts werent weak.

It would be hard to kill him.

This man didnt usually show his hand, but he had a lot of skills.

Ning Shu grabbed the bronze bell in Gu Ruis hand, trying to snatch it.

“Let go,” Gu Rui said with a dark expression.

Ning Shu held onto the bell.

It felt bone-chillingly cold as if it could freeze her soul.

Ning Shu raised the dagger in her other hand and stabbed fiercely at the bell.

She would destroy this thing.

“Fang Lanxin, stop.” Gu Rui tried to block Ning Shu.

Ning Shu mobilized the spiritual energy in her dantian and with her fastest speed and greatest strength, she stabbed her dagger into the bronze bell, sending out a sharp piercing sound wave.

A thin crack appeared on the life-death bell.

The neatly lined up monsters immediately began attacking the living.

Those who lay on the ground were unable to resist and were directly skewered by pikes.

“Fang Lanxin.” Gu Rui looked at Ning Shu with scarlet eyes and a twisted face.

This was the first time Ning Shu had seen such an outpouring of emotions from Gu Rui.

“Haha…” Ning Shu laughed carefreely.

“If I cant have a good time, no one else should even think about enjoying themselves.”

“I dedicate to you the soul of my dearest.”

“I dedicate to you the flesh and blood of my dearest.”

Gu Rui hurriedly chanted the spell and actually grabbed Mo Juechen, who was next to him and stabbed him in the heart with a dagger.

Mo Juechens expression was a little sluggish.

He obviously didnt expect Gu Rui to suddenly do this.

“I dedicate to you the soul of my dearest.”

“I dedicate to you the flesh and blood of my dearest.”

The voice of Gu Rui chanting the spell was becoming increasingly urgent as he shook the life-death bell.

The monsters stopped attacking.

Mo Juechen clutched his chest as blood seeped out from under his fingers.

His expression was ferocious and terrifying.

“Gu Rui, how dare you.”

“Being sacrificed to the life-death bell is an honor.” Gu Rui had been forced to do this.

If he could choose, he wouldnt have chosen Mo Juechen, who had karmic hindrance in his body.

He wouldve chosen Fang Lanxin, who had the fate of a queen and strong fortune.

Fang Lanxin was also the person closest to him, so it would have made it easier to control the life-death bell.

Mo Juechen took his last breath.

His eyes were empty and it was obvious that his soul had left his body.

His body slowly turned to dust.

Ning Shus eyes dilated.

Was she Gu Ruis first choice for a sacrifice and Mo Juechen was the reserve sacrifice

Gu Rui saw the small crack on the life-death bell.

His facial color was very ugly and he turned his head to look at Ning Shu.

“Young Master Gu, the life-death bell can only sacrifice one person at a time,” Cheng Mingzi said.

“The life-death bell is damaged and the sacrifice was someone who harbored resentment towards you.

Im afraid there will be a backlash.”

Translator: Lili

Editor: Wheat

Translator: Kaho


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